Hotwife #5 - Making My Cuckolded Husband Watch


[exhibitionism, stranger sex, public sex, domination and submission, cuckolded husband, interracial sex, double penetration, groupsex, mmf]

Shannon is sick and tired of practically having to beg for sex with her husband every night. In a fit of rage, she put on her sexiest outfit and takes his brand new Cadillac to prowl the streets.

She returns with two black bulls with the full intent of showing her husband how real men can satisfy her wanton lust. The young men are more than eager to satisfy her request as they take her in every way imaginable, making her scream with pleasure all through the night while her husband watches helplessly.

This is a standalone story that features a cuckolded husband forced to watch his hotwife take two sexy black men in his own home.


      "And your husband is okay with this?" Randy asked, walking out of the car with me.
      "Hell no," I said, opening the door and going inside quickly. The air conditioning brushed against my warm bottom comfortably. I wondered how red they were and if my husband could tell that I had just been spanked in his car.
      His eyes were wide as he saw me walk into the house naked and grew even wider when he saw the two men behind him. Compared to them, he was a dwarf. The black men were more muscular and much taller.
      "That's Todd, my husband," I said. "Don't mind him, he's just going to be watching tv."
      "Hello Todd," Randy smirked at my husband, who sat transfixed on the couch, unsure of what to do.
      "Don't mind us," Jack said, reaching down to take off his pants. The two men were naked in no time at all, their erections standing upright like they were porn stars.
      Jack had a longer cock while Randy had a thicker one. I wondered how differently they would feel inside me.
      I didn't have to wonder for long, as Jack pushed me against the couch so that I was bent over the top of the couch with my tits hanging towards the seats. Todd was sitting right beside me and continued to stare at us with a dumbfounded expression permanently imprinted on his face.
      "What's going-" he started.
      "Ahh!" I screamed at the suddenness of Jack's cock inside me, He had pushed the head of his cock completely into my folds right in front of my husband! In the middle of his question, no less! The whole scene was unreal. I was overwhelmed by the sensation of being stretched by his cock.
      He continued to push inside me, pulling out only slightly before pushing inwards to fill me. My pussy walls were stretched as he thrust inside me over and over. I opened my mouth to scream pure ecstasy, only to have Randy press his cock inside my mouth. He kept his hand firmly on my head and slide himself in and out of me, not allowing me to react to his sudden intrusion.
      "Your wife wanted to see how real men felt like," Randy told my husband as he stretched my mouth with his impossibly thick cock. I gagged a little when his cock hit the back of my throat, but he was relentless.

Word Count: 6,722

  • Manufactured by: Malory Chambers

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