Hotwife #4 - Given To My Husband's Bosses


[Cuckold hotwife, Exhibitionism, Domination and Submission, Double penetration, Caught having sex, First time anal, Ménage, Blackmail, Dub-consent]

After being caught in the act with her teacher in the classroom, Evelyn marries the older man and runs away with him. It seems like a whole new chapter of Evelyn's life is about to begin when her new husband is finally offered a promotion in the Fortune 500 company. Raymond only has to go through one final interview with CEOs.

But when the time comes for the interview, Evelyn is requested to join in. They want her to show them just how badly she wants that promotion. Raymond watches helplessly as they take his wife in ways that he has only dreamed of.

This is a standalone story that features a cuckolded husband surrendering his submissive hotwife to two sexy billionaires in the office, all for the sake of money.


      "Here?" I gasped, glancing around me like a rabbit caught in a trap. "What if someone walks in?" I asked again, feeling like a broken record.
      "Nobody would find us if you'd just hurry up," he teased, stepping aside to watch me strip.
      My fingers trembled as I submissively pulled my panties down my legs, sliding the small garment off my feet as my heart thumped against my chest rapidly. "Is this alright?" I asked, dropping my panties on the floor.
      "Don't be silly, everything has to go," he ordered, using his stern teacher voice.
      I started undoing the buttons on my shirt and when I wasn't stripping fast enough, he grabbed my shirt and tore it open, pulling and dragging the fabric from me until I was only in my bra and short skirt.
      "Should I help you with those too?" he asked, his voice tinted with impatience.
      I shook my head, "I can do it!"
      "Okay," he grinned and took off his own belt, never taking his eyes off me as I took off my bra carefully. I unzipped my dress and let it fall onto the ground. My heavy breasts dropped a little to my chest without the support from the bra. When he licked his lips, I imagined he was licking my nipples and immediately felt them harden.
      I lowered my gaze and saw that his cock was erect and pointing out of his pants, large and throbbing, ready to penetrate me.
      His hands gripped my breasts lightly, teasingly.
      "Ahh..." I arched my back, leaning into his touch, wishing he would do more. A strangled cry left my lips as he ran his thumbs over my nipples, flicking them. Shocks of pleasure rippled down my spine as he continued flicking his thumbs over my nipples, back and forth. He suddenly clamped his fingers on my nipples and twisted punishingly.
      I gripped his wrists, torn between wanting him to continue torturing my nipples and stop it altogether. A soft whimper left my lips when my efforts to pull his hands away only succeeded in pulling my breasts outwards and sending jolts of pleasure through me.
      "Ohh, that feels- that feels-" I murmured, my voice trembling with arousal. I crossed my legs and dug my toes into my shoes, feeling my wetness dripping out of my pussy and onto the inside of my thighs.
      He let go of my nipples and massaged my breasts, playing with the soft flesh around my sensitive nipples. He lowered his head onto my breasts and licked my nipples. I panted loudly pushing my chest towards him so he would take more of my breast into his mouth.

Word Count: 6,187

  • Manufactured by: Malory Chambers

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