Hotwife #3 - Public Cuckold Performance


[Cuckold hotwife, Interracial ménage, Exhibitionism, Domination and Submission, Double penetration]

Billy Lee knows that his wife has a performance downtown that has been all the rage recently. Eager to play the part of a supportive husband, he goes against his wife's wishes and goes unannounced to her performance.

Little does he realize that he just signed himself up for front row seats to watch his wife bare it all to the audience. He is helpless to do anything as she is taken by one man after another, bareback and unprotected.

This is a standalone story that features a cuckolded husband watching his submissive hotwife be taken on stage by multiple men at the same time.


      "Come now," Jack scolded, "push the dildo in and stop teasing the poor woman."
      Instead of listening to Jack, he introduced a second finger inside my pussy. I watched with widening eyes as his fingers disappeared into me, stretching me to the limits. I gripped my thighs, moaning and losing myself in the intensity of the moment. This absolute stranger was fingering me without a care in the world.
      "Oh, Jack! Jack! Oh!" I panted. The man twisted my nipple with his free hand, making me quiver in response. I arched my back and bucked my hips when he found my g spot, wetness flowing out of me as he touched the spot over and over again, sliding his fingers in and out of me.
      I moaned Jack's name as the stranger continued sending me into realms of pleasure and bliss, my hips gyrating in time with the thrusts of his fingers. "Oh! Jack! I'm cumming, Jack!" I screamed, biting my lower lip as my pussy muscles squeeze down on his fingers.
      Jack ruthlessly pulled me back, depriving me of the orgasm that I so desired. My eyes were closed in half mast, "Jack," I mumbled, my head lolling against his chest, unable to think clearly. Pussy juice was dripping from my hole and onto the stage. I wanted to cum so badly.
      "Look how wet she has become," Jack addressed the audience again. "Her face is angelic and pure, so close to orgasm. Perhaps the sight of her husband would send her over the edge."

Word Count: 5,217

  • Manufactured by: Malory Chambers

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