Hotwife #1 - Public Surrender


[Cuckold hotwife, Interracial ménage, Exhibitionism, Domination and Submission, Double penetration]

"Go to the bar in just your underwear, seduce three men, then make them take you hard and unprotected in the back alley, where I will be waiting and watching."

Sir's instructions are simple enough to understand. Carrying them out is another matter altogether... Will Victoria succeed or will being taken by three sexy, muscular men at the same time be too much for her to handle?

This is a standalone story that features a dominant husband watching his submissive hotwife be taken in public by strangers.


      I turned to look at the men he had chosen for me. I gasped in surprise. They were already shirtless! A charge of excitement crawled through my spine when they turned simultaneously towards me. Their eyes breathed me in, cataloguing every curve and dip. I sucked in a lungful of air, feeling as if they were undressing me with their eyes so that I was completely bare to them.
      I willed myself to turn away, "Why would they be interesting?" I asked.
      "Because they're a couple," he said with a chuckle.
      That sealed the deal for me. I stood up, my skin burning and trembling with need, and made my way towards my first soon-to-be lover: Owen.
      Before he could even say a word to acknowledge my presence, I wrapped my arms around his neck and brought his lips to mine.
      I was instantly blown apart by the heat radiating from his body. His tongue sought entrance past my lips and I was all-too-ready to accept. His fingers rubbed my back and found my bottom in burgeoning frenzy, gripping and massaging my behind as he got over his initial surprise and took control of the kiss.
      I could taste the animal lust within him. His brazen hands gripped me tightly so that it took all my strength to push him off.
      "Do you know what I want?" I asked, my own voice a deep gravelly tone that sounded unfamiliar to me. Our chest rose and fell in harmony, reflecting the breathless urgency of our lust.
      "Yes," he responded. His voice was deeper than any I had ever heard before and his single-worded answer had an intonation that left no room for argument.
      "Tell me what I want," I urged him, aware that all eyes were on us and everyone was straining to hear our conversation through the loud music.
      "You want me to fuck you while your husband watches," he said...

Word Count: 5,411

  • Manufactured by: Malory Chambers

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