Spanking The Maid #3 - Exhibiting The Maid


[Victorian erotica, bdsm humiliation and submission, spanking and birching, medical erotica, older man teen girl, maid uniform]

"Tell me gentlemen, have you ever seen a pretty young girl like this who actually enjoys pain? Who is stimulated by a spanking? Who loves to be lashed? Well, look no further!”

Emma may not be a very good maid but she has certainly found favor with Lord Fanshawe, her Lord and Master. Delighted by her submissive and obedient nature, he takes her down to London to exhibit her in a very exclusive Gentlemen's club. Emma soon finds herself performing on stage in front of a cheering audience, all keen to see her innocence despoiled.

Will Emma be able to take everything that comes her way? And just what part will the mysterious 'Sir Wellhung' play in the proceedings?


      “And so, allow me to introduce my assistant in this undertaking – Sir Wellhung!”
      The audience whooped and cheered as a grotesque figure marched onto the stage. He was a tall, muscular looking man wearing a tuxedo jacket and cravat, his face entirely covered by a mask that appeared to be designed to look like a male organ.
      Despite this unusual spectacle this was not what my gaze was drawn to. Sir Wellhung – which I assumed must be an alias – was naked from the waist down, and jutting out from between his legs was a cock so large that I could scarcely believe that it was real. It must have been at least 12 inches long, and was so thick and wide that it almost appeared to be an extra leg.
      I must admit I found the sight of it quite overwhelming. Was that monstrous weapon really intended for me? And if so, in which hole would it go? I honestly didn’t believe that I possessed an orifice capable of encompassing such an enormous cock.
      Lord Sutton soon gave me my answer. “Open wide, my dear,” he instructed me. “You’re about to have a taste of Sir Wellhung’s tool.”
      I did as he instructed, and opened my mouth.
      “Wider than that,” Lord Sutton demanded, giving me a sharp slap on my arse. “You’re going to have to swallow the whole thing, not just take a little nibble.”
      I gaped my mouth open as wide as it would go. Sir Wellhung approached and for a moment he stood before me, the tip of his cock hovering in front of my face. Up close it was even bigger, and even with my jaws straining to open as wide as possible I was doubtful that I would be able to fit it all in. Then, suddenly he thrust his hips forward, ramming his manhood straight into my mouth.
      As his hard meat slid across my tongue and collided with the back of my throat with a ‘thunk’ my first instinct was to gag. His cock was so large that it literally filled my entire mouth, and even opening up as wide as I could go my teeth still grazed the skin of his lengthy shaft. He had not even put the whole thing in – my lips were only about halfway down the full length. Surely there wasn’t any room in my mouth for more?

Word Count: 5,300

  • Manufactured by: Anna Austin

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