Anna Austin - Spanking The Maid #2 - Examining The Maid


[Victorian erotica, bdsm, humiliation and submission, spanking and birching, medical erotica, older man teen girl, maid uniform]

"I assume you intend to assist me? The results of the examination will be much more robust if I can call upon a second pair of hands.”

Emma has already willingly submitted to the firm hand of Lord Fanshawe, the handsome aristocrat who employs her as a maid, but now it seems that he requires even more of her. With the assistance of his friend Dr Hardy, he intends to put Emma through her paces and make sure that she is suitable for his depraved schemes.

Will their examination prove just as enjoyable as Emma's last disciplining at the hands of his Lordship? And just what will the Doctor produce from his medical bag...?


      “Well, Doctor Hardy” he replied. “I was considering taking her to the club and making her perform for the other gentlemen. But as I’m sure you're aware, we have quite stringent standards when it comes to selecting a suitable filly. I was hoping that you would help me to discover whether Emma might be a suitable candidate?”
      “Yes, I’m sure that I can,” asked Doctor Hardy. “But remind me, what characteristics should a suitable candidate exhibit?”
      His Lordship stroked his moustache before replying. “Well, first of all she must be a virgin. The girl has assured me she is, and when I had my finger up her I thought that I could feel her maidenhead to be intact, but I don’t have the medical expertise to be entirely sure.”
      Doctor Hardy nodded. “Certainly. I can certainly check that for you and give you a definite answer. You’re right to want to be sure. These low-born types are constantly rutting with each other. Even if she was unsullied a week ago, she might well have allowed some stable-boy or manservant to mount her in the meantime. Anything else that I’m looking for?”
      “Yes, if you would. You see, it’s no fun at all if the girls we exhibit at the club don’t actually enjoy their performance. If they scream and cry and whatnot it does rather spoil the mood. But some of what we require from them is rather, well – extreme. So I was hoping you could help me put her through her paces and make sure she’s not going to blub and cry at the crucial moment?”
      The Doctor rubbed his hands together, seemingly delighted at this request. “Oh, absolutely, it would be my pleasure. I assume you intend to assist me? The results of the examination will be much more robust if I can call upon a second pair of hands.”

Word Count: 5,938

  • Manufactured by: Anna Austin

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