The Billionaire's Seduction #01 - Surrender


[Cuckold, Cuckquean, Strap-on, Voyeurism, Lesbian Strap-on, Pegging, Exhibitionism]

An old flame becomes much more when Katie's billionaire boss offers her husband and her a chance to live out their secret bisexual swinging fantasy. They are stripped and blindfolded before being taken on a private plane to an unknown location, the couple bringing their bodies to the brink of ecstasy and beyond at forty thousand feet in the air.


      I couldn't believe my eyes. Dominic's wife, Bridget, kneeled behind John and was stimulating him anally with her tongue. John seems to be enjoying himself immensely, writhing and moaning.
      Bridget was wearing a strapon with a thin dildo attached to it. It looked smaller than normal, and I realized that it wasn't for me. It was for John, whose virgin asshole had never been used before.
      Dominic met my eyes and flashed me a come-hither grin that went straight between my legs and made me weak. I sat down on the chair, knowing full well that there is no place for me there. They continued on even as the flight set off, gaining speed quickly and sending my mind reeling not only because of the momentum, but because I could see John's hard erection, held tightly in Bridget's hand.
      He groaned, feeling his hole being stretched as Bridget replaced her tongue with her finger. I wanted so much to touch myself and put my hand between my legs, feeling the wetness there.
      "No," Dominic growled, sending a warning glare in my direction.
      I quickly placed my hands on top of my knees and continued watching them, adjusting in my seat uncomfortably, my pussy aching for a hard cock to fill it.
      At Dominic's voice, Bridget looked up and locked eyes with me. She pulled her finger out of John's asshole and pressed the dildo at his entrance, the plastic object gleaning with lubricant dripping from the tip.
      Her eyes beckoned me like a siren's song, breaching my every defense. Blood humming in my veins, I watched as my husband was taken hard by the billionaire couple, knowing that it will be my turn soon enough.

Word Count: 5,176

  • Manufactured by: Malory Chambers

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