"Taken" Bundle


[exhibitionism and voyeurism, paranormal, erotic short story, domination and submission, humiliation erotica, bdsm menage, milf, bbw, threesome in public]

Follow Jessica in the sizzling hot trilogy that takes her on a passionate journey from a shy, conservative woman to a lust-filled nymph who would do anything to satisfy her sexual needs. Her lover takes her bareback on their first date in a bar, then moves onto showing her the thrills of having sex in a public library.

In the fourth bonus story, join Allison as her relaxing weekend at the beach is interrupted by two young hunks fresh out of college, eager to show her a good time, together!


Excerpt from "Taken":
      Her promiscuous roommate was on all fours on the bed, her partner’s hands over her breasts. The gravity pulled her ample breasts at a downwards angle that made her look obscene and desirable at the same time. Jessica could see her nipples over the gap through his fingers as he massaged them expertly, squeezing and pulling her nipples. The way he moved in and out of her could arouse any spectator. Lindsay gasped, her back arching in pleasure. His hands moved from her breasts to her waist, pulling her deeper into him forcefully. His grunts and her moans filled the room, making Lindsay wonder if they’re trying to wake her up on purpose. She could hear the squelch of juices being pushed in and out of her roommate and the squeak of the old bed springs. She wondered briefly if their downstairs neighbors were enjoying the thumping from their ceiling.
      Lindsay's lover slapped her ample bottom as he continued the rocking motion, “You like that?” he groaned smacking her ass with almost mechanical precision.
      Jessica counted in her head, "One, two, SLAP, one, two, SLAP." She couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the jingle of her roommate’s behind. “Do you like that?” he asked again, his voice husky with sex and very much arousing. Jessica held in a shudder.
      “Yess,” Lindsay gasped, “yesss.”
      Jessica squeezed her thighs together uncomfortably, feeling a scorching wetness between her aching thighs as she did and an uncomfortable need bubbling from her stomach. She wanted nothing more than to join them and have her own behind punished, to have a man's penis buried deep inside of her and her nipples pulled and squeezed.
      She imagined it was her bottom he was smacking and her hair he was pulling as he continued to thrust into her roommate. ”Don’t wake up my roommate,” she heard suddenly.
      "Well, at least she’s trying," Jessica thought to herself. She shut her eyes in panic, worried that they’ll realize that it’s a bit too late to start being concerned about waking her up.
      “She can join us,” he joked, forcing Lindsay to arc her back even more as he pulled her hair back. “You’d like what won’t you,” he said. “You like it when I play with your nipples?” he continued.
      Lindsay’s gone and found herself a chatty one, Jessica thought to herself.

Word Count: 16,643

  • Manufactured by: Malory Chambers

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