Creamy Hucow #3 - Hucow For Sale


[Cuckquean, Hucow, Lesbian strapon, Adult Nursing, Milking device, Female Strapon, Spanking, exhibitionism]

When stoic and sexy Nathan Cole buys Jessica from the farm after months mistreatment by the horny farmer, the last thing she expected was to be shown pleasures beyond her wildest dream as he takes her in the great outdoors while strangers watched.

However, when he brings her home to continue using her in front of his dominant wife, tables are turned and Jessica is exposed to the thin line between pleasure and pain. She writhes and struggles as the dominant woman uses a device to bring her body ablaze with lust.


      I stayed still, looking up only to catch his wife staring at me intensely. I felt his cock begin to soften and finally slip out of me. My nipples were slightly sore from his pinching and I was feeling tense from not reaching my own orgasm. I made to get up, but was held down by his hand on my back.
      "It's her turn now," he said. I dare not move as his wife got up.
      Her voice was a melodious tone that reminded me of singers, "Hello Jessica. My name is Nancy and I will be pumping you today."
      My heart pounded in my chest. She had two strange clear cups in her hands, attached to a small device at the side of the couch. I struggled slightly as she tried to put them over my breasts, earning myself a painful slap over my tits. I winced and cried out in pain.
      Nathan grabbed my arms over my back until I arched forward, my tits hanging heavily over my chest.
      She grabbed the tips of my nipples, making milk spill out of my tits, then pushed the cups over them.
      "Behave, cow," she murmured close to my ears. Then, she walked over to the machine and flipped on a switch. The mechanical hum filled my ears and the machine sucked all the air out of the cups, tugging my nipples forward. Milk poured into the tubes and into the machine.
      "Ahh!" I gasped, the discomfort quickly turning into pleasure. The intensity of having my breasts milked by a machine was sending my mind reeling. I couldn't think, couldn't move. My fingers dug into the palms of my hands as I felt the wave after wave of pleasure wash through me.
      I felt Nathan's body heat leave me. Her smaller hands grabbed my ass roughly and her hand went down on my behind roughly. My pussy tingled despite the stinging pain on my behind.
      Her hand came down on my ass five times, then his fingers pushed inside my wet pussy.
      "Does this turn you on?" she mocked, pulling her finger out and bringing it down on my ass, hard.
      "Ah! Ah!" I gasped with every spank. "Yes!" I said.
      She swatted my ass again, faster and harder this time, then quickly stuck her fingers inside me, fucking me quickly. "Like this?" she teased.
      "Yes!" I cried, feeling my pussy clenching around her fingers.

Word Count: 4,413

  • Manufactured by: Daisy Rose

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