Creamy Hucow #2 - Hucow Medical Examination


[Medical Examination, dubious consent, Hucow, menage, milking fetish, lactation]

"Class, why don't you come and touch her?"

Anna would do anything for her master. However, when he offers her to a professor for a medical examination, she finds herself completely out of her comfort zone.

As she lies helpless on the examination bed, virile hands fondle and squeeze her, drinking her cream to bring her mind to new heights of sensuous relief. The curious young hunks quickly grow tired of just touching and tie her down to take her any way they can while a machine pumps her dry.


      The men set to work immediately, tying my legs down on the bed and my wrists on either side of me. The professor pulled the cones from the machine down and attached them to my nipples. He tilted his head and let go of the cones, returning them to the machine, dangling uselessly.
      I yelped when he grabbed my tits and squeezed them together, kneading my milky flesh hard and fast to elicit moans of pleasure from me. Callused fingers pinched and twisted my nipples so that droplets of milk dripped from the tips of my nipples.
      "It is easier for milk to be extracted if the subject is aroused," he told the students, who were sticking round patches, connected via thin wires to various laptops, on my arms, tummy, and inner thigh.
      The professor placed the cone on my tits and pressed some buttons on the machine. My breath hitched in my throat when the machine sucked in the air to create a vacuum between my nipples and the cup, stimulating my already sensitive nipples enough to tease creamy milk out of me.
      The four men were all staring at my tits intensely, their lustful gaze along with the machine's rhythmic sucking sending my mind reeling with pleasure.
      "We aren't getting much milk from you," Professor Ivan surprised me by saying. I looked down at myself, feeling lewd to see my tits being pulled up by the cones, a steady stream of milk being suctioned out of me. "Perhaps you are not used to a machine doing it," he said.
      Before I could agree with him, the professor started massaging my tits, sending shockwaves of pleasure through me.
      "Class, why don't you come and touch her?" he urged.

Word Count: 5,080

  • Manufactured by: Daisy Rose

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