Toys & Teasing #1 - The Submissive Gets Teased In Public


[teasing, begging, erotic denial, sexual orgasm denial, alpha male dominant, female submissive, sex toys, vibrator, masturbation, public sex]

Erica just can't help herself. She's been awaiting the release of a new toy that promises to bring her love for being teased to new levels.

Dominant Tom knows just what buttons to push to drive Erica crazy with the new remote-controlled toy. But he springs a surprise on her: will she be able to control herself out in public, or will she be forced to endure his teasing while she struggles not to let go?

This taboo short story features a submissive girl being taken to the extreme in public situations by her handsome dom and their new remote-controlled companion.


      My heart flutters in my chest as I look at the object in my hand. It’s soft, molded blue plastic, shaped like a cup about the diameter of a golf ball. Cloth straps are attached to either side, secured by a locking mechanism.
      “Is this what I think it is?” I try to keep my voice steady, but a small quiver of anticipation betrays me.
      “It is,” Tom says, smiling at my excitement. “It was just released today. I thought you might want to… take it for a test drive.”
      For months, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the newest product in development at Tom’s company, Unspoken Desires. A small company, they are growing rapidly and revolutionizing adult toys with advanced technology and features. I can’t wait to see if this one will live up to the hype.
      “Right now?” I ask, hopeful. I'm asking for his permission, already sliding into my submissive role.
      “Right now,” he agrees. “Strip for me, Erica.” His tone is commanding, just the way I like it.
      He sits on our bed and leans back against the headboard, raising well-muscled arms and relaxing them behind his head. A confident half-smile plays at his lips as he watches me.

Word Count: 4,135

  • Manufactured by: Ella Louise

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