Kinky Fairy Tales #2 - Submissive Cinderella


[Fairy Tale Erotica, Reluctant Sex, First Time, Forced Fingering, Exhibitionism, Stepbrother Taboo, Cinderella]

Kinky fairy tales features standalone stories with a sensual twist. In this retelling of the classic fairy tale, Cinderella finds herself at the mercy of her cruel stepmother and her two evil sons who take great pleasure in her pain.

After submitting to the duo's lustful perversion, Ella's luck finally begins to change. She chances upon the King's son in a festival where he brings her body ablaze with lust and takes her into an abyss of ecstasy while her family watches.

Dance into this tale of romance and love as Ella is shown a world of exhibitionism, bondage, and submission by the prince.


      She managed a half scream before Antony stuffed a cloth into her mouth. Then, Drizell grabbed her breasts, drooling as he saw how perfect and round they were. To her horror, she started reacting to his rough touches. Her nipples became engorged and aroused. Her breath caught in her throat when she saw that Drizell had a bump on the front of his trousers.
      "You want this," Antony breathed against her naked neck, sending shivers of fear and anticipation through her. She felt something hard press against her bottom.
      She shook her head, her eyes filled with unshed tears.
      "You do!" Drizell insisted, squeezing her nipples hard. The pain went straight to her core. Her heart raced hard and her legs turned to jelly as she arched her back to his assault. She was barely keeping herself upright.
      Drizell continued kneading and massaging her breasts with his hands, alternating between pinching and twisting her nipples and massaging the soft flesh of her mounds. Antony was bucking his hips against her from behind, using one hand to hold her wrists together and the other to rub her naked stomach.
      "Mmhhh," Antony groaned, his hands going lower and lower until they were almost between her legs.
      She intensified her struggle, grasping at the tendrils of her mind to prevent herself from being aroused by her stepbrother's assault. Her clit throbbed and her breaths came on fast heaves. Her body craved released. She wanted Antony to touch her between her legs and leave her alone, all at the same time. Poor Ella was completely out of her element, not understanding why she wanted her stepbrothers to continue touching them they way they are. She felt ashamed for wanting them the way she did now.
      "Pull her dress down," Drizell told his brother.
      Antony let go of her wrists with just enough time for her to try to get away, though all she succeeded in doing was stumble into Drizell's open arms. Antony pulled her dress down until they were bunched on her ankles. She was completely naked.
      She looked away, ashamed that her stepbrothers were seeing her in such a state of undress.

Word Count: 4,906

  • Manufactured by: Daisy Rose

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