The Coven Chronicles #3 - The Witch's Graduation


[Incest, Mother-Son, Aunt-Nephew, Brother-Sister, Witches, Urban Fantasy, Hardcore Sex, Oral Sex]

John Chamberlain has had an interesting weekend. Over the last three days, he has mated with his gorgeous sister, Susanna, and with his beautiful cousins, shy Agatha and hot, horny Hilda.

But his work is not done. In order to complete their bargain with the Goddess, John must still mate with his schoolteacher sister, Eleanor. And his Aunt Sybil is waiting lustily in the wings.

Lastly, Steven Johnson, abused and scarred, has been brought into the Chamberlain household. He must adapt to his new environment and learn to stand on his own, casting off the fears of his past.

School is ending for the Chamberlain children, and a celebration awaits. What will happen on the night of The Witch’s Graduation?


      John entered the warded room and stopped dead in his tracks.
      Over the past several days, he had seen his female relatives in every state. From Susanna he had seen a lustful, teasing voyeur. From his mother, the relaxed sensuality of a confident woman. Agatha had shown him the need to praise even the most lovely of women, while Hilda had driven him beyond what he had thought the male body capable of.
      None of them had prepared him for Eleanor.
      She was dressed in a schoolgirl outfit. Rather, John thought numbly, the ultimate schoolgirl outfit. She wore sensible black shoes, but there any hint of modesty ended. White stockings clad her legs, delicately outlining their beauty. A red-checked skirt was wrapped around her waist, but was so short it barely covered her crotch, and did absolutely nothing to disguise the elegance of her slim thighs or her shapely ass. A button-up white shirt was covered by a sinfully tight gray button-up sweater, which only served to draw attention to her full, perky breasts, which were obviously bra-less. A small green tie hung from her neck in a mockery of school dress codes. Her long black hair fell unbound down her back.
      Oh, John thought. Oh my.
      “You wanted to see me, Mr. Chamberlain?” she asked, and even her voice was different, both husky and innocent at once.
      John's mind raced frantically. This was not what he had expected, but he knew that to question what was going on would disappoint Eleanor terribly.
      Run with it, he decided.
      “Yes, Eleanor. I did want to see you. I am glad that for once,” he said, making his voice stern, “you were able to follow a simple direction. Have a seat,” he continued, pointing at the bed. He leaned back against the wall, arms folded.
      “What do you have to say for yourself?” he asked.
      Eleanor sat down, legs crossed demurely, eyes wicked. “I don't know what you mean.”
      “I think you do,” John said. Inside his jeans, he was growing harder. For once he did not try to hide or disguise it. In moments his cock was fully erect and tenting his pants obscenely. Eleanor glanced at it once, then again, licking her lips seductively.
      “I am tired of this, Eleanor. You are a bright young lady, but you cannot seem to pay attention in my class. What is your problem?”
      Eleanor looked shyly away.
      “I don't know, Mr. Chamberlain. When I see you..I feel all...funny inside.” Her thighs rubbed against each other, then uncrossed. She unbuttoned her sweater and stood to lay it carefully on his desk, bending over to do so, showing him the lips of her bare pussy.
      John swallowed. “Eleanor, I am not very interested in how I make you feel. You have a responsibility. To your parents. To your classmates. To me. If you want to graduate, you need to pass my class.”
      “But your class is so boring!” Eleanor whined. “I want to do something more fun.” Now her painted fingernails were at the buttons of her shirt, and she lifted a breast away from the confining cloth, fingers pulling lewdly at the pale nipple. “Don't you want to have fun, Mr. Chamberlain? Fun with me?”
      John's stomach clenched with want, but he held true to her game. “Eleanor, this is...completely inappropriate. Please, put your clothes back on. If someone saw us...I could lose my job.”
      Eleanor ignored his statement, and kicked her shoes off daintily. “I've dreamed about you, you know,” she said. “Alone in my bed, naked, all soft and bare, with my lips wet and slippery. Thinking about you. No one but you, Mr. Chamberlain.”
      Her hands drifted low, pulling up the hem of her non-existent skirt, flashing her cleft at him. “Don't you want to touch it, Mr. Chamberlain? To feel how hot it is for you? To put your big fat cock inside my tight teenage pussy? That's what you want, isn't it? That's what all men want.
      “But you're the only one who will get it. All you have to do is say yes.”

Word Count: 33,000

  • Manufactured by: Alana Church

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