Still Breathing #6 - The Point Of No Return


[post-apocalyptic serial, erotic horror, possessive alpha male, erotic zombie apocalypse, dystopia, suspense, survival erotica, end of days, adventure, dark fantasy, paranormal romance, supernatural]

Nathan and Cooper have been reunited with their friends. For the first time since the tragedy at the farm, things are looking up. Together they can focus on finding a safe place to settle down in, and weather the winter bearing down upon them.

There's just one problem: He can't stop thinking about the woman he left behind.

On top of all her other problems, Garland can't stop thinking about him, either. The small town where she’s waiting for her twin seems calm enough, and she has enough supplies to last her for days. There's nothing to do but wait and worry, but at least she's safe.

She could not be more wrong.


      She wanted the man to not be able to keep his eyes from her.
      Or his hands off her.
      His innocent fumbling went beyond adorable. He had no idea how cute she found him.
      She wanted to eat him up in the best of ways.
      As much as she wished she could play with him for the rest of the night and continue past dawn she knew they did not have a lot of time.
      Besides, she was in no mood for foreplay.
      Bea closed the distance between them and began to tug his shirt over his head. He gladly complied, his breathing going to hell when her lovely chest pressed against his bare flesh. He could feel her warmth against his skin as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He hissed a little when her nails dug into his back; she gently raked them across his skin as their lips finally came together.
      She liked shocking him.
      Every little thing he did, from kissing to touching her, came with the sweetest bit of hesitation as if what was happening surprised him.
      It made her like him even more.
      His hands wrapped around her waist and pulled her closer. She deepened their kiss and after what felt like forever he gave in and squeezed her bottom, unable to hold back any longer. She grinned and pulled back enough to watch his face as she forced his hands up to her chest. She pressed them against her naked skin, mischief prancing in her eyes as she watched his lips move.
      Not a sound escaped him.
      She thought his reactions were adorable.
      She bit her lip, just enough to make him sigh.
      “Kiss me, country boy.”
      He obeyed orders very well.
      Bea ran her hands over him, one hand tangling in his hair to pull him closer as their lips locked. Emboldened he gently ran a hand down her bare back, revelling in the feel of her warmth and nearness. He caressed the small of her back, pressing his palm into it to pull her into his chest.
      She was so soft and warm and curvy; she smelled and felt so good. He wanted to linger over their every touch and kiss but knew she had been right to say they did not have much time. They were lucky they’d gotten the little bit they’d had so far.
      He allowed his hand to dip lower, sliding over the curve of her bottom with a sigh that made her laugh. Their hips pressed together; she could feel a twitching hardness between them that let her know how much he was enjoying their time together.
      She mustn’t disappoint.
      She slid the hand not cupping the back of his neck down his broad solid chest to tug the zipper of his jeans down. She watched his face as her hand slipped into his pants and he jerked and made a sound that riled her even more than she already was. She laughed as she leaned in to press her lips back to his. He growled and pulled her closer, his impatience getting the best of him.
      She liked that.
      She would have liked to tease him to the point where he jumped her and screwed her silly; she enjoyed teasing him and watching him struggle with his control. It would be fun to see how far she could push him.
      Later, country boy. We’ll see how long you can take it.
      She nibbled on his lower lip as her hand worked at him. She wanted to wind him up as much as possible before they finally came together. It didn’t take long before his hands tightened on her. He pulled her closer, his kiss harder. Hungrier.
      He pulled away and the two stared at one another, their breathing loud and uneven. She started to say something but he leaned down and stole the breath from her, returning the favor. She felt his fingers at the front of her jeans; she pulled back to grin up at him, sad to break away from their kiss but wanting to stare into his eyes as she touched him.
      He stared down at her, slightly dazed. Was this beautiful woman really there with him? Was she really doing what she was doing with her hand as she locked eyes with him and licked her lips, her aim seemingly to torture him in the best possible fashion?
      If it was nothing but a dream, he hoped he would never wake up. He didn’t care if he was dead as a zombie nommed on him. It was okay as long as he had his dream girl.

Word Count: 7,000

  • Manufactured by: Mena Thrace

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