Daddy's Poppet #3 - Poppet's Playtime


[incest, father daughter incest, anal sex, domination, foursome, subjugation, restraint, ffmm]

Poppet’s wedding day is a distant memory, but Daddy and Poppet continue to indulge themselves with each other. Their sexual playtime reaches new highs in this unapologetic incestuous romp. Poppet is shackled and thrashed for their mutual pleasure. There’s nothing she won’t do for Daddy, and when he binds her tights and arranges a surprise, she meets all his expectations.


      I smile but say nothing. My long hair is plaited and girlish. I am not wearing makeup. I know he likes my look. I work hard to keep myself fresh for him. There’s nobody else but Daddy. He took me on my wedding day while I was wearing my bridal gown and before I had even said my vows. He had taken me before he gave me away, and he’s taken me many times since. I’ll always be Daddy’s bride. I saved myself for my Daddy. Every-so-often, I service Mitch but when my husband fucks me, I always imagine it is Daddy.
      “What are you thinking, Poppet?” He surprises me. He rarely asks those sort of questions.
      “About you, Daddy. About my wedding day.”
      “Yes, it was pretty special, wasn’t it?”
      His cock strains against the fabric of his trousers.
      “Shall I get it out?”
      “No, Poppet. As much as I’d love you to wank me right here, right now, it’s not a good idea while I’m driving.”
      “Boring!” I pout and open my legs a little wider.
      “There’s nothing to stop you satisfying yourself,” he says.
      So I do. And I don’t care when we pass trucks and coaches. I know I can be seen. We don’t have tinted windows in the front.
      “You’re incorrigible,” says Daddy.
      “You made me this way,” I reply.
      “Good,” he says.

Word Count: 4,454

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