Disciplined For Her Sins #1 - Disciplined For Her Sins


[Victorian Erotic Romance, Spanking and Submission Erotica, Domestic Discipline, BDSM, Teen, Virgin, Older Man]

“Pleasure and pain mixing into one glorious whole... she was crying out again and again…"

Annie is eighteen, and an orphan. Living out her days in the dismal surrounds of Bleakcroft Orphanage, she dreams that her Prince Charming will one day come to her rescue.

But as her dreams turn into bedtime fantasies, she is caught in the midst of sinning. Dragged from her bed, she is taken before the forbidding Dr Thorn for punishment.

What form will his discipline take? Will he satisfy himself with merely spanking her, or will he take his discipline even further? And what will Annie do when she discovers that sometimes there is a thin line between pleasure and pain?


      “So Annie, is it true? Were you committing a sin while you lay a-bed?”
      Annie considered lying. Perhaps she could claim that she had a nightmare, that the two matrons had woken her from it, that she had no idea why they were making such unjust, untruthful claims. But of course, it was no good. Dr Thorn would see straight through her. She never had been a very good liar.
      She nodded miserably, and looked down at the floor, embarrassed.
      “I see. And what precisely was the nature of your sin?”
      Did he want her to describe it? Annie was not sure she could bear the humiliation.
      “It – it was a very bad sin Sir. A mortal sin, perhaps.”
      Dr Thorn tutted. “No, no, no. It is for me to judge the severity of your sin, not you. I want to hear the specifics. Tell me girl. Tell me precisely how you sinned.”
      Annie realised she was blushing, her skin flushed a deep crimson red.
      “I-I touched myself Sir.”
      “Where did you touch yourself?”
      Annie wordlessly indicated between her legs.
      “Say it girl! I want to hear you say it!”
      M-my c-cunny Sir. I touched my cunny.”
      Dr Thorn was pacing back and forth in front of her now. He appeared...agitated.
      “And did you enjoy it, hmm?” he demanded. “Did you enjoy this sinful behaviour?”
      Annie's skin turned an even deeper crimson, but she knew there was no point lying. She had reached the point of no return. Better to tell the whole truth, and then accept her punishment, whatever it may be.
      “Yes Sir. I enjoyed it mightily. More than I've ever enjoyed anything before, perhaps.”

Word Count: 5,836

  • Manufactured by: Anna Austin

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