Love Potion No. 3


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Love Potion No. 3
Featuring an erotic trio of novellas designed to turn you on.

Kiss From A Ghost - by Elizabeth Woodham
No matter where it starts, a story must have a hero. A journey. A story of love lost and found again. People adore making comparisons or to invent an artificial existence. Does anyone really know what is going on in anyone else’s world? When Chloe Merrywell meets army medic, Dan Archer, her deepest nature is gradually transformed. Chloe embarks upon a journey of discovery and awakens to the delights of faithful sex. She unravels her past from her convent school education and the taste of girls to her seduction at the hands of charismatic Nicholas Kamarovsky. Chloe’s lifetime of learning isn’t easily undone; her former lovers taunt and tempt and she’s torn. The taste of her best friend Suzanne lingers and stimulates the memory of Sister Nuria as Chloe struggles to embrace convention and turn her back on the past for good.

Savannah - by Daniella Cervany
Daniella Cerveny describes the metamorphosis of her marriage as she and her husband embark on their swinging, sexual awakening in a series of stunning truths straight from Daniella’s big heart. She’s unafraid and is willing to try anything at least once. Accompany Daniella and husband Todd as they swing their way through a string of hot, searing sessions.

Generation Game - by Secret Narrative
Sixty-something university lecturer, Sylvia Kent explores age-gap sex, and her newfound desire for steamy encounters with strangers, students, and colleagues. Explosive exploratory sex with teenage men.


Excerpt from Past Present:
      My husband, Todd and I enjoy a variety of sexual exploits, usually with each other, but occasionally with others if the chemistry is just right. We recently posted my profile on a social networking website for kinky folks like us, including a few photos, favorite kinks, likes and dislikes, and so on. I get friend requests on a regular basis but have declined each and every one that comes from someone I haven’t met in person; that is until now.
      A few weeks ago I received a friend request from someone who had obviously taken the time to read every detail of my profile and appeared to share many of my same interest, most importantly, the love of spanking. This particular request stood out because of the introduction letter, yes letter, not a simple friend request or ‘you’re hot, let’s do it’ sort of statement that occurs more often than I’d like to say. No, this was a complete and heartfelt introduction; this is who I am, and I see we have similar interests and naming them specifically, one by one. He went on to say he prefers quality vs. quantity, which is exactly my thinking, and generally why I refuse to add anyone I haven’t met. When I checked his profile, I thought ‘wow’ and may have even said it aloud. His profile pic is his six pack abs; up close, golden tan and absolutely ripped. By far, the most attractive ‘packaging’ I’ve seen so far. It seemed time to bend the ‘don’t friend anyone we haven’t met’ rule.
      I ran the letter and photos by Todd who wholeheartedly agreed we should contact this individual ASAP. I messaged him within the hour stating his message, profile, and abs all piqued my interest. I felt comfortable enough to reveal a few personal tidbits that I cannot for the life of me figure out why I would reveal to a total stranger, but I did. I told him Todd, and I have played with others in the past, and we are always open to exploring this option when the appeal is right. I won’t play with someone just for the sake of playing; it must mean something to me on some level because that’s simply how I ‘tick’. I finished my message by saying ‘we’ would love to meet him as soon as that was possible. Todd and I are a package deal, you don’t get one without the other, at least not initially, and it’s Todd’s way of protecting me from predators. I’m too trusting for my own good.
      A few minutes later, Thomas messaged his cell number.
      Over the next few days, Thomas and I shared many details about our sexual past and how they might figure into our playing together in the present. Thomas’s passion is spanking and that turns him on far more than sex ever will. He genuinely loves to role play when he’s dishing out his spankings; it’s a large part of the excitement for him. While I don’t have a great deal of role play experience, I’ve done the principal/schoolgirl thing, complete with pigtails, red plaid skirt, white button down shirt, white cotton panties, and knee socks. Todd plays Principal Hardon, dressed in a pressed white shirt, tie and little else. One time I left his tie on the front door along with a message that read, “Don’t ask. Just go with it.” When I emerged from our bedroom with a note from my teacher describing my misdeeds, Todd was seated at his desk wearing only the tie. Just mentioning it brings fond memories.
      Having bonded with Thomas over the phone, we tried to meet him in person on a few occasions, but with no luck. Conflicting schedules and the glaringly obvious but unspoken truth that Thomas’s wife does not know about his predilection for spanking others, was making things a bit tricky, to say the least. After weeks of back and forth phone calls, texts, and emails, we finally had the opportunity to meet face to face at a gathering of kinky people near Thomas’s hometown. Todd and I arrived at the designated time, to meet Thomas and the other like-minded people we met through the website. This was our first time meeting this group; overwhelming doesn’t begin to describe it. Seventy to eighty people were mingling about with color coded name tags indicating their specifics taste in kink; dominant, submissive, or ‘switch’, meaning they can be either depending on the situation. Reluctantly, we applied our tags, Todd as dominant and me submissive. I actually don’t like titles, they are extremely limiting in my mind.
      There was no doubt that we stood out in the crowd of regular participants because we were the ‘fresh meat’ to this well established group. As we worked our way around the room, we were stopped by a few ‘fans’, by that I mean people who had sent a friend request and received the standard ‘I only friend people I have actually met’ and ‘I will be attending this or that event, feel free to introduce yourself when you see me there’ response. With a tall glass of merlot in my hand and Jack and Coke in Todd’s, we found our groove and started to work the room like politicians running for office, shaking hands and hugging those who offered themselves to such greetings. While Todd led the way, I scanned the room for Thomas, but he was nowhere in sight, unless he did not resemble the photos he had sent me.

Word Count: 97,408

  • Manufactured by: Secret Narrative

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