Dissolving TIme


[age-gap sex, mother complex, older woman younger man, anal sex, stranger sex, sex in public]

Sylvia Kent indulges her newly formed addiction for age-gap encounters, and her passion for dangerous liaisons leads her to a public tryst with a stranger.


      I put my spectacles on to make a close inspection of the fading bruises which stain my neck. A perfect circlet, they look like little constellations. If I were to draw a line between them, the shape of his hands would be revealed. My voice has been hoarse for a day or two; I had to cancel a series of teaching appointments. My clients think I have a throat infection. I think I am lucky to be alive. At my age, restriction of the windpipe during sex can cause cardiac arrest. At least, that’s what it said I looked it up on the Internet.
      I am not risk averse, and I already have my next liaison lined up, we connected via Twitter. He got in touch when he saw a tweet I posted which mentions my favourite pub. He drinks there. He’s polite nice, friendly, fun, and at age twenty-four, is much older than Simon when he first nestled between my lips, and younger than me by forty years. Perfect.

Word Count: 2,328

  • Manufactured by: Secret Narrative

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