Broken #8 - Until Death Do Us Part


[Incest, brother sister incest, brother sister sex, taboo erotica, rough sex, BDSM, violence, taboo erotica]

~ The climactic conclusion to the Broken series! ~

It’s been four months since Mark and Megan proclaimed their love for each other and in Chicago, life couldn't be better. After years of pain and heartache, they are together and happy. Their friends only know them as lovers and Megan has told her mother of their forbidden love. Finally their dark past has been left behind, or has it?


      I ground the cigarette out on the railing and was going to toss it away when I felt the hairs rise up on the back of my neck. I stood there motionless as an overwhelming feeling of being watched came over me. I slowly turned around and looked back into the bedroom. Megan was still sleeping. I jumped as the sensor light went out. I could feel a chill begin to work its way down my spine. Something was wrong, very wrong.
      I spun around, but saw nothing.
      Mark in here it’s me.
      It was The Voice, or at least I thought it was, it sounded faint, as if it were far away.
      Mark listen to me.
      “How the hell are you talking?” I asked, and then rolled my eyes as I realized I’d spoken out loud.
      Shut up! The Voice hissed. Come to the attic, now.
      Something in its tone, along with my growing unease, caused me to nod. Closing my eyes I forced my breathing to slow and imagined myself inside of my mind.
      As in my dream, the attic was in good order, but as soon as I looked towards it I heard banging coming from the Voice’s room. Making my way over to it, I saw the red board that braced the door shaking as it was struck from the other side.
      “Mark, let me out.” The Voice hissed at me.
      It was louder now that I was in here, but still not as strong as it normally was.
      “How can I hear you?” I asked it. “I’m on the…”
      “You can hear me because you know you need to.”
      “What the hell does that mean?”
      “Mark you need to let me out. You need me.”
      “Like a hole in the head.”
      “You’re going to have a few holes cut into you if you don’t let me out.”
      "What are you…"
      “Mark they’re coming!” I winced, as the Voice's shouting sent a pain through my temple.
      “Who’s coming?”
      “Who do you think?" The Voice paused. “We don’t have much time, let me out, we need to fight!”
      “No,” I whispered. “There’s no one, this is a game you just want…”
      "Mark listen to me, this is it! The entire purpose of me being with you is upon us!”
      I jerked back as the door was hit hard again. From the other end of the hallway came a long loud howl.
      “The Dog knows, we’ll need it too when the time is right! Now let me out!”
      “I…” I put my hand to my temple, I was getting nervous.
      I jumped as I sensed something moving and saw the crow’s feather drifting through the air to land at my feet.
      “Oh no.” I said softly.
      “Yes Mark he’s coming, Bakulu is coming!”
      Bakulu, Ruine’s Circle name, the name that even the most powerful Voudon’s feared to call upon.
      “The cops I’ll…”
      “They can’t help Mark! Trust me; it’s up to us, as it was meant to be!”
      “They’re going to kill us and Megan!”
      Kill, the word caused a wave of fear to go through me.
      “Yes, kill they are coming to kill us! You shot your big fucking mouth off one time too many now…”
      “I need to get Megan out of here!”
      I started to withdraw from the attic.
      “It’s too late!” The Voice screamed. “We have to fight and you need me! His minions are nothing, but you can’t take Bakulu without me, you know what he is!”
      “I…” I looked at the door. “I don’t know how, I’m taking the pills.”
      ”Try Mark, it’s my time! Destiny is upon us!”
      “Destiny?” I repeated.
      “Yes Mark I’m who you’ve seen in your dreams, I’ve been trying to get through! Now open the fucking door!”
      Feeling myself beginning to panic, I grabbed the board and tried to pull it up, but it wouldn’t budge.
      “I can’t!”
      “Keep trying!”
      “What’s happening?” I asked, as stepping back, I kicked at the door.
      “The moment has come, the moment that your destiny as well as yours sister’s is in jeopardy!”
      “What destiny?”
      “If you know it you will never be able to fulfill it, but the vision is not clear and that means we could die tonight!”
      “I don’t understand!”
      I dealt another kick to the unyielding and door shook my head. “I can’t get you out I’ll let the dog…”
      “No, the dog has to be held back! It’s too wild you need to be in control for this!"
      “But I need…”
      “You need me because I add to you, but not the dog, he is the final guardian when all else fails.”
      I stood indecisively, part of me wanting to leave the attic get Megan and run…
      “Mark listen, we can handle them together you have been bred for this moment.”
      “What do you mean?” I asked as I threw my shoulder against the door to no avail.
      “You think you have been obsessed with martial arts and working out so you could beat up punks at Mitch’s? You think that dog was created just as a symbol of your shitty childhood?”
      “I don’t know!” I cried out in frustration as I stepped back and kicked at the red board.
      “Well I do! You’re every bit the killer he is! He is proud Mark! He wants it to be a fight and we can take him! Do you know why?”
      “I…” I paused and took a deep breath. “Because we take what we want?”
      “Because we are here to protect our sister. I am here to protect you both! I couldn’t save your father from himself, but I can save his children!”
      “My sister…”
      “Yes, Megan your true love you need me to save her! They will not only kill her, but enjoy her first!”
      A faint image flared before my eyes, Megan tied down as Ruine fucked her, there were others behind her laughing and drawing straws for who would be next.
      A hot feeling of rage crashed though me and stepping forward I lashed out punching the board. I felt the vibration up to my shoulder and I saw a crack appear in the board.
      “Yes! Hurry Mark they…” The Voice went silent and then screamed, “They’re here!”

Word Count: 122,660

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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