Broken #7 - Dark Days


[Incest, brother sister incest, brother sister sex, rough sex, non-consent, taboo erotica]

~ The tale of forbidden lovers, Mark and Megan, continues. ~

For Mark and Megan, it’s over before it started. After Mark confesses the secrets he has been keeping, the two siblings end up in an explosive argument during which Mark tells her to leave…he knows she doesn’t love him, and to go do what she does best: take care of herself.

Heartbroken, Megan returns to her parent’s house and reads the last entries in her journal. The entries, which she had titled Dark Days, recall her last days of addiction. Living in Hell’s Kitchen, and on the verge of death, Megan learns that although she has given up on herself, her brother never will.


      Mark put his back to me and I stood there feeling a wave of humiliation come over me, but knowing there would be no fighting him. I pulled my sweatshirt off, then the dirty t-shirt under it. I stood there topless and had just removed the belt and let my jeans drop to the floor when Mark turned around.
      “What the hell is taking you so…”
      Mark stopped speaking as his eyes took in my naked body.
      “P…please don’t look at me.” I whimpered covering my flat, sagging tits.
      Mark’s eyes worked their way down to my sticklike legs and then made their way back up to linger on my protruding ribs then back to my face.
      “Oh, my sister,” he whispered. “Oh, Megan, what have you done to yourself?”
      I shook my head.
      “S…see Mark, I…I told you… I just…”
      I stopped as I saw the anger leaving my brother’s eyes to be replaced by a look of sadness.
      “I…oh sis, I am so sorry I…” He stepped towards me and put his arms out to hold me.
      “No, don’t touch me I’m…I’m disgusting.”
      I leaned back against the wall and sinking to my knees began to cry. Mark got down on his knees in front of me.
      “Come here sis,” He whispered. “It’ll be…”
      “I… just wanted peace Mark,” I said softly. “I wanted to go to the forest and be peaceful, be somewhere I could never hurt anyone or myself again.”
      Mark put his hands out to me again, but I shook my head and started sobbing.
      “I…don’t deserve to live, I hurt you and mom and Tommy, I even hurt Tony. I…I don’t deserve someone like Mom, or you or anybody! I don’t deserve it!”
      “Megan,” Mark began softly. “I…I need you to listen to me okay? Just for a minute okay, please listen?”
      I looked up into my brother’s beautiful golden green eyes, eyes that were full of pain, pain that his sister had caused yet again. I swallowed hard then nodded. “O…Okay.”
      Mark took a deep breath and began speaking softly.
      “Megan you’re sick. Sick in your body and your mind, but I need you to hear what I’m going to say.” He paused for a moment. “You have been saying that you don’t deserve your parents or me or Tommy or anyone to be good to you for years.”
      “I…I don’t”
      “Well, you have it backwards sis, backwards and a little selfish. It’s not just about you deserving people, but them deserving you.”
      Reaching out he gently took my face in his hands so that I would look at him.
      “Think about it Megan, don’t your mother and father deserve their daughter? Don’t I deserve my sister? We do sis, we deserve you, and we deserve that happy healthy, beautiful woman that I know is in there. You think you deserve to die, but if you do, you deny us what we deserve; you take you away from us. You’re not saving us from anything, but not having you in our lives.” Mark leaned forward and gently kissed my forehead.
      “Why don’t you stop worrying about what you don’t deserve and let the people who love you have what they deserve.”
      “But I…I’m sick.” I said through my tears. “You…you said it…”
      “And I was sick for a long time too sis.” He pointed at himself. “Did I not deserve you? Should I have taken me away from you?”
      “N…no but…”
      “I was going to quit after Max, just stay in my head and end up in a institution because I didn’t care anymore, because I thought I didn’t deserve better, but” He smiled at me. “My big sister wouldn’t give up on me. She was sick then too, but she got strong for me and saved me, told me she needed me and she would be lost without me. Remember?”
      I nodded and let my cheek rest against his palm.
      “Well Megan you’re sick right now, but I’m not. I will be though if I don’t have you with me, I need you sis, I need you to try to be okay.” He removed his hands from my face and stood up.
      “I can help you sis. I can make it all okay; all I need is for you to want to and to trust me.”
      He looked down at me and gave me another smile.
      “I’m your brother Megan, the same brother who promised that he would never let anything happen to you. I can make it better Megan, I know I can. I just need you to know I can too.”
      Mark was silent for a moment then slowly put his hand out to me.
      “It’s up to you Megan and I think you already decided, because you only thought you wanted to die. If you really wanted to die you would have never called Tommy, you had to know he would call me.”
      “No…I...” I stopped as soon as he had said it, it seemed to make sense.
      “So know what that was Megan? That was you wanting to help someone even if it meant you didn’t get to do what you wanted. That is not the act of someone who doesn’t deserve people who love her. That's an act of someone who wants to be loved.”
      Mark stepped forward, putting his hand directly in front of me.
      “Come on sis, take my hand, and let’s find that person.”
      I stared at Mark’s outstretched hand, then closing my eyes envisioned my forest. It didn’t seem as vivid as it had the last few days. In my mind the forest began to blur and the image transformed to Mark and I lying in bed holding each other. The vision from the dream I had this morning. In my mind’s eyes I could see how beautiful I was, how happy and content I looked in Mark’s arms. Opening my eyes, I reached out and took my brother’s hand.

Word Count: 78,560

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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