Broken #6 - Careful What You Wish For


[incest, brother sister incest, brother sister sex, rough sex, bdsm, incest romance, taboo erotica]

~ The tale of forbidden lovers, Mark and Megan, continues. ~

Mark has never kept secrets from his sister Megan. Yet Mark refuses to say why their father hates him, nor will he disclose how he won the Winthrop trial. When Megan presses. Mark tells her some things are better left unsaid. and reminds her she owes him a very important answer herself. But Megan wants to know. and the game is on. She is about to learn the meaning of the expression “Be careful what you wish for!”


      “Tell you what Mark,” I said softly. “I’ll give you one more shot. Tell me about you and dad and right in front of you I will call Royce and tell him to cancel the flight.”
      To my dismay, Mark smiled as if he had just solved a puzzle.
      “One more chance?” He asked. “Or the chance you planned all along.”
      Sitting back in his chair, Mark continued; “Fine Meg, I’ll call your bluff.” Shaking his head, he added. “I’m not telling you sis. It’s not worth…”
      “It’s not worth me apparently!” I snapped at him. “Guess you can’t want me that bad if you think this is a fucking contest.”
      I turned to leave, then feeling the anger rising again, spun back around to face him.
      “You arrogant little bastard,” I hissed “You really think this is one of your games? You think you can win something?” I grunted and shook my head.
      “Well guess what Mark? This time you lose, well no actually we both lose.”
      I wanted to say more, but stopped as I felt myself choking up. Taking a deep breath, I continued; “All these years and in the end we were over before we started.” I waved my hand disgustedly at him. “You win Mark, you keep your precious secret.”
      “Oh like you…” Mark started but I cut him off.
      “Good luck in LA. I’m sure you’ll take whatever you want out there.” I could feel the tears beginning to flow down my cheeks as I finished; “Maybe someday you’ll figure out that hearts can’t be taken they have to be given.”
      Without waiting for a reply, I turned and started to walk towards the door, as I did I spoke loud enough so that he could hear me.
      “I’ll call you tomorrow and let you know about Walsh. If you don’t care you don’t have to answer.”
      I reached the door when Mark said; “Megan, stop.”
      I stood in front of the door and without turning around asked; “Why Mark? You have a new game to play?”
      “You were the one playing today, Megan, and you know it.”
      Even though I knew he was right I shook my head disgustedly and put my hand on the doorknob, but stopped short of turning it as he finished; “But you win.”
      I paused for a moment, then turning around slowly walked back over to the desk. “You’re going to tell…” I started, but Mark cut in.
      “Megan, just like you asked me, I am going to ask you; will you please trust me and let this go?”
      Looking him in the eye, I answered; “No Mark, and stop being so dramatic, this isn’t the courthouse I can handle it.”
      “Okay Megan,” Mark said softly. “Okay, you want to prove you’re a big girl and think you know best, sit down.”
      I sat down across from him, managing to resist the urge to snap at him for that last remark. Mark looked into my eyes for a few seconds then with a sigh stood up. Removing a set of keys from his pocket, Mark walked over to the large filing cabinet against the wall. Unlocking the bottom drawer, he reached in and removed a black metal box.
      Walking back over to the desk he sat down, placing the metal box in front of him. I felt my heart start to beat faster and my stomach. With an air of resignation, he unlocked it and pulled a large white envelope from it. Pushing the box to the side, he reached into the envelope and removed a yellow folder. Mark looked down for a moment, then reaching across the desk, handed it to me.
      Taking the folder from him, I opened it then hesitated. I looked at Mark, who was staring at the envelope in my hand as if he were already regretting handing it to me. Reaching in, I pulled out a stack of papers and looked at the top one. It was a large sheet of yellow notebook paper with handwriting across it.
      “It’s ten o’clock, do you know where your daughter is?”
      I slid the paper to the side and gasped as I saw a full color eight by ten picture of myself bent over a table. On the table was a mirror and I had a straw in my hand. The picture was taken close enough that you could see the lines of cocaine on the mirror.
      I swallowed hard and immediately thought that this was what had almost beat Mark at the Winthrop trial. A nightmare come true for me; someone using my past to disgrace and blackmail my brother. Mark would never want me to go through that and was ready to let an innocent girl suffer…
      “Keep going.” Mark said softly, cutting into my racing thoughts.
      Letting out a long breath, I slid the picture off the stack in my hand and saw another piece of paper.
      “Don’t worry Mom she’s okay, she’s with her brother!”
      My fingers trembling, I removed the paper. I cried out, dropping the stack of papers as if I had been burned. The stack landed face up and I felt the room begin to spin as my eyes refused to tear themselves from the picture.
      In it I was naked on my hands and knees, and behind me was my brother. Mark was pulling my hair as he fucked me from behind, my eyes were glossy and I was obviously wasted. I was also obviously loving it. My mouth was wide open in a scream of pleasure.
      “Wh… where… did you get these? I…”
      I stopped, finding that I couldn’t speak, and tearing my eyes from the picture, I looked up at my brother. Mark flipped the white envelope across the desk where it landed on the stack of pictures. I felt my heart skip a beat and a sharp pain in my stomach as I saw the address on the envelope.
      “Mr. and Mrs. Doug Hanson.”

Word Count: 125,860

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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