Broken #4 - Lex Talionis


[incest, brother sister incest, brother sister romance, oral sex, anal sex, violence, taboo erotica, brother sister sex]

~ A Tale of Incest, Insanity, and Revenge! ~

A brilliant student, gifted martial artist, and the looks to bed any woman he chooses, Mark Phillips has it all.

But beneath his success and physical beauty lies a dangerous secret. For what Mark has told no one, not even his sister and forbidden lover, Megan, is he has inherited his father's curse of schizophrenia.

Since the age of eleven, Mark has been guided by a voice in his head. Without the Voice, Mark could have never survived the years of abuse he endured at the hands of his coke-addicted foster father, Max Thompson.

When Mark came to live with Megan and her family, the Voice was no longer present all the time. But now that Megan has succumbed to the siren call of cocaine and alcohol, and vanishing for months at a time, Mark finds the Voice is back to help him get through.

As always the Voice was under Mark’s control, until he encounters Max in a bar. Max has caused Mark a lot of pain over the years and the bloodthirsty entity in Mark’s mind plans on making him pay for every bit of it.


      We parked behind Mitch’s and once we had entered my place, I sat down in the chair and let out a deep sigh trying to let the last of the adrenalin flow from my body as despite the action of less than a half hour ago I still felt pretty wound up. Megan however immediately pulled her shirt off and kicking her shoes away, stripped off her jeans.
      Megan was wearing a skimpy little red lace bra and matching panties. As she turned and bent over I began to think of ways to get rid of that excess energy.
      “And to the victor goes the spoils.” The voice laughed softly.
      Megan grabbed the jeans and shirt and quickly shoved them into the garbage bag near the kitchen. Then walking quickly past me towards the bathroom said quietly, “Throw your clothes away Mark.”
      I stood up and caught her arm.
      “Hey sis are you…”
      “I said don’t fucking touch me!!!” She screamed yanking her arm from my grasp.
      “Sis what’s the…”
      “What’s the matter?” She threw her hands in the air. “Jesus fucking Christ Mark, do you even know what you just did?”
      “I helped you sis.” I began, not understanding why she was so upset.
      “You almost killed him! He was fucking choking and you would have left him!”
      “He was going to rape you Megan!” I snapped. “What did you want me to fucking do?”
      I took a step towards her and she backed away.
      “Fuck Meg, there was three of them! What was I supposed to do, slap them?” I shook my head. “Sis you heard them! They were going to hurt you I couldn’t…”
      I stopped, not liking the look on her face. If I didn’t know better I’d think she was afraid of me.
      “I did what I had to do.” I told her simply.
      “Bullshit Mark!! Fucking bullshit!!” She yelled at me. “Yes they would have hurt me, and yes you had to fight and had to put them down, but Carson …” She shook her head as her eyes filled up.
      “Oh god Mark what you did to him…”
      “Motherfucker got what he deserved Mark.”
      “Look Megan, maybe I got a little out of control, but…”
      “No Mark you were in perfect fucking control!”
      “You didn’t see the look on your face, you were fucking loving it!”
      Megan stopped and sitting on the couch, put her head in her hands and started to sob. I approached her slowly and getting down on my knees in front of her reached out and gently grabbed her wrists to pull her hands from her face.
      My head rocked back she tore her hand from my grasp and slapped me in the face. “Let go of me!” She yelled pulling her other hand from me.
      I tried to catch her arm and again my face was rocked by another slap. I sat back on my knees stunned. Leaping from the couch, Megan made to run towards the bathroom, but I caught her by the arm again and pulled her towards me. “Megan…”
      “You’re a fucking animal Mark!!” She spun around to face me again. “Carson was right, you are fucking crazy! And you know what else? My dad was right too; you are just like our real father! Just fucking like him!”
      That hit home. I looked up at her said softly; “No I’m not Meg, please don’t say that. I’m nothing like him.”
      “Let go of me.” Megan said as she tried to pull away. I held her tight and she swung at my face again.
      My hand flashed out and caught hers.
      “Do not,” I began, feeling my temper rise. “Hit me. Ever.”
      “Yeah Mark? You gonna hurt me too? You going to teach me a lesson?” Megan turned her face to me; “Go ahead Mark hit me! You know you want to!”
      I let her go stunned.
      “Megan,” I said quietly. “I would never hurt you. You’re my sister I love you. I’m…”
      “A fucking maniac Mark, that’s what you are!”
      I reached once more for my sister’s hand.
      Megan pulled away and shaking her head whispered; “Just stay the hell away from me Mark. I know what our father put our mother through and don’t think for a second I’ll let you do it to me. You keep your fucking hands to yourself.”
      Megan went into the bathroom and closed the door. A second later I heard the lock click. As the shower went on, I slowly walked into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed.
      “Well that's gratitude for you.”

Word Count: 105,880

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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