Alison's Erotic Adventures #4 - Come Again


[FF, FFF, explicit erotica, squirting, masturbation, ménage, BDSM]

Can you get paid to teach a woman how to masturbate? Alison and her new girlfriend, Moriah, find out that yes, you sure as hell can. It’s like this: After a homemade porno of Moriah jilling-off to a bone-shattering orgasm accidentally got posted to the internet, hundreds of women responded with emails asking for help in achieving orgasmic release. Who knew so many women don’t know how their lady parts work?

After successfully teaching one young woman how to come, Alison and Moriah take their show on the road. The name of their new enterprise is Come Again. In part four of Alison’s Erotic Adventures, these two beautiful, sexy and insatiable women fulfill their version of the American dream: making house calls to teach women how to masturbate.


      Moriah stepped out of her shoes, unbuckled her belt, pushed her jeans down, and stepped out of them. After pulling off her thong, she walked to the window to adjust the curtains. No need for her to sway or rock her hips. Her round little ass was tantalizing below the ribbed cotton top that stopped at her waist. Her chubby labia peeked through like a second little behind between her thighs as she stretched on her toes, pushing the curtains together.
      My darling was showing the confidence she had gained over the months Come Again had been helping clients achieve orgasmic relief. Three or four times a day, she sat on a couch in a client’s living room, spread her legs, and brought herself to an orgasm. Once shy and unsure, Moriah now was showing me—and our somewhat difficult client—that she knew how to take control of a situation.
      She walked back to the bed, climbed into my lap, put her hands to my face, and kissed me. “Let’s show Robyn whatever it is that lesbians do.”
      With that, she scooted up the bed, leaned against the headboard, and made little come hither motions with her fingers. I clambered across the bed to her, cradled her head in my arms, and glanced at Robyn. She was watching, her hands on her thighs and a sly smile on her face.
      A fire had exploded inside me. I was awash in the excitement of a new experience unfolding and I could feel it in my loins. After months of working with clients, getting incredibly turned on watching Moriah masturbate, I was finally going to unleash my passion in the presence of a client. No more holding back for fear of offending a client’s straight sensibilities by kissing and fondling my girlfriend.
      I ran my hand down Moriah’s face, tracing a line along her cheek, her chin, and down her throat. I wound my hand around her neck and took her mouth again, my tongue darting past her lips as my other hand traced the outline of her breasts. I stroked her nipples to hard pink points as I continued the kiss. A low moan escaped from Moriah’s throat.
      Breaking off the kiss, I pushed Moriah’s top up toward her throat and undid the clasp between the cups of her bra, freeing her tits. I took her wrists and pinned her arms above her head, giving me access to her small, pert and now exposed breasts. Her nipples, growing erect, were tiny and perfect. I flicked them with my tongue, alternating back and forth. Moriah arched her back and moaned louder.
      Releasing her wrists, I slid up to her ear and kissed it gently. “What would you like me to do, baby?” I made sure Robyn could hear.
      “Oh, Allie, touch me there,” she said, her hips grinding against me. “Touch me, Allie, touch me.”
      I moved a hand down her front, past her breasts, over her navel, and stopped at her Mound of Venus. I ran my fingertips through her silky hair and then reached down along either side of her outer lips, gently pushing them together.
      She thrust her hips, nearly lifting her ass off the bed.
      Slowly, gently, I separated her lips and explored her vulva. As I scooted down on the bed, Moriah’s hand went to her breasts, which she held and stroked. Her eyes were closed, her lips parted, her breath coming in hot spurts.
      I covered her pussy lips with open-mouthed kisses, then slid my tongue inside and tasted her saltiness. I ran the tip of my tongue along her slit in a languid motion, starting at the bottom and moving up, breaking off just before her clit. After cupping her ass in my hand, she spread her legs even wider. I planted moist kisses on her inner thighs as my index finger found her hard little nub. I made slow circles on her wet clit.
      Her moans were more frantic now. Moriah’s hands were at her side, gripping and twisting the bedspread as I worked her clit. Her wetness seeped along her crack to her ass, making my hand wet.
      I came up with a plan to get our client into the act. “Robyn.”
      She jumped out of her chair, startled. “Is something wrong? Is she okay?”
      “No, nothing’s wrong, unless you call being an insatiable fuck sponge a problem. Take over. I’ve got to pee.”
      “What? I don’t know what to do. I’ve never…” I ignored her, and after a second’s hesitation, she sat next to me. She didn’t react like someone used to taking orders. I leaned down and kissed Moriah, now up on her elbows, her breath coming in deep heaves. “Allie, I can wait…oh, god!”
      I picked up Robyn’s right hand, put two fingers in my mouth, and sucked and swirled them with my tongue. “First slide one finger in, then two. And kiss her. She loves to be kissed while she’s getting fucked.”

Word Count: 11,000

  • Manufactured by: K.C. Cave

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