Happy Endings #2 - Touch


[romance, romantic erotica, billionaire, Happy Endings Part 2, massage, massage therapist, blindfold, BDSM]

Cade struggles with his conscience after sleeping with his richest massage client, Alexis Hollingsworth, wife of an influential billionaire. When money problems come up, he wonders if he should start offering more to his clients. Then he gets a call from one of Alexis’s mysterious friends. Reluctantly he accepts the offer, and gives her the massage of her life.


      His mind raced as he waited for a response. He could not believe he was actually doing this...again. He had never imagined his life would turn out this way, and he knew it would never be the same afterwards. How many more times would this happen before he got rich, went to jail or found some other reason to stop, like falling in love. What if he met his soul mate and she left him when she found out he was or used to be a prostitute? Strangely, Cade found himself worrying about Alexis. He somehow felt like he was cheating on her even though she had arranged this meeting, and he was nothing more than a plaything to her anyway.
      Cade stood in total silence for several minutes before hearing the sound of the door creak open and bare feet padding across the wooden floor towards him. The footsteps stopped across the table from him and the door clicked shut. Cade’s ears faintly registered the sound of a soft garment rustling as it fell to the floor.
      Feigning as much confidence as possible, Cade straightened his back and said, “Please lay on the table in the face up position and cover yourself with the sheet.”
      He listened as his employer slid onto the table and lay down, but he did not hear anything that would indicate she had pulled the sheet over her. Cade kicked himself inwardly for even suggesting his client be covered. This was an erotic massage after all. After making a mental note not to make that mistake again he side stepped carefully to the head of the table. As he sat down on his stool his nose detected scents of honey and vanilla from his client’s hair. This was it, the point of no return. If he was going to back out and run away, now before the first touch, would be the time to do it. If he still had any reservations he should either act on them now or move forward and own his actions.
      Relaxing his muscles he brought his trembling fingers down gently onto the woman’s forehead in front of him. Her skin felt warm and soft to the touch. Cade decided she probably used moisturizing cream in the mornings and mud masks at night. The thought made him wonder how smooth and pampered the rest of her body was...

Word Count: 7,470

  • Manufactured by: Amelia Moore

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