Happy Endings #1 - Happy Endings


[massage, voyeur, blindfold, anal, billionaire, erotica, young/old, massage therapist, romance, romantic erotica]

Cade is a massage therapist who unexpectedly has a sexual encounter with his richest and hottest client...while blindfolded. Overwhelmed by the experience, and unable to keep the story to himself, he calls his estranged brother, and meets him at a bar where he confesses all the sordid details.


      “I’m impressed. I don’t want to encourage you, but it sounds like she got her money’s worth.”
      “Oh, the story’s not over yet. It gets crazier.”
      “Part of me says I’ve heard enough. The other part of me says...go on.”
      Cade lifted the pitcher of beer off the table and refilled their glasses. After they’d both taken a thirsty drink he went on. “After she came I pulled my fingers out of her, and they were completely drenched. When I finally opened my eyes I saw the sheet on the floor. I don’t even know when it fell off. So there she was, laid on the table completely naked and amazing. Plump, perfect breasts and a hint of six pack abs. I couldn’t believe I’d just given this angel an orgasm. We locked eyes, and she was looking at me like I was the most delicious piece of meat she’d ever seen, which was crazy, because she could have any guy in the world she wanted at any time, and she was looking at me like that. I kept expecting to wake up from the best wet dream of my life when she said something that made me sure I was dreaming.”
      “What did she say?”
      “She said, ‘I like watching you when your eyes are closed. Why don’t you put on a blindfold?’”
      “Did one of you just happen to have a blindfold lying around?”
      “No, but she always wore that cashmere night gown robe thing to our sessions before she got naked and got on the table. So I used the belt from that. I wasn’t really sure what to do after I got it on. So I just stood there and waited. After a long dramatic pause she said, and I kid you not, ‘Now I want your cock in my mouth.’”
      “You know, I keep waiting for you to tell me this is all an overly elaborate joke that you spent way too much time making up. In fact, I’m half convinced you’re lying. But it’s a good story anyway. So go ahead and tell me what you supposedly did after that.”
      “Well, first I tore my clothes off. Then I stepped back to the end of the table and waited for her to come to me. She flipped over on her stomach and sucked my cock into her mouth. Now, I’ve had blowjobs before, but nobody ever savored it like Alexis did. I mean, she made love to my cock with her mouth. She couldn’t get enough of it. Her tongue was everywhere like she had to taste every inch of it at once. At one point she had my entire scrotum in her mouth. For someone whose life I’m sure revolves around keeping up appearances, there was not an ounce of modesty in what she did with her face this morning. I would have felt a little bad for her if it wasn’t so excruciatingly hot.”
      “Did something more depraved happen after that?”
      “Oh yeah. Things escalated pretty quick after that. I had already gathered that Alexis wasn’t into vanilla sex. She wanted to push the limits, and I shudder to speculate where her limits end if they exist at all..."

Word Count: 5,360

  • Manufactured by: Amelia Moore

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