The Whispers of Rings #5 - Silence


[Anthologies, Suspense, Thriller, Murder, LGBT, Renaissance, Menage, Hardcore Sex]

In the finale of ‘The Whispers of Rings,’ Josselyn follows her leads into a conspiracy greater than she ever imagined. She discovers the truth—and finds herself at the mercy of her family's murderer. Vengeance is a dream long-forgotten when Josselyn is forced to fight for her life.


      I went to my room and pulled a book from my shelf. It was a collection of stories Victoria would read to me before I fell asleep. I needed to hold on to a memory that wasn’t Adrien’s hands against my skin. As I made my way outside, I averted my gaze from the walls with their familiar tapestries and paintings. I slowed when I made it to the gardens, collapsing onto the grass on my back and closing my eyes.
      The songs of birds accompanied a gentle breeze. The warm sun felt divine on my face. For a handful of seconds, time stood still, and nothing was amiss. I hugged the book to my chest and clung to that small span of peace.
      “May I join you?” I hadn’t heard Cyprus approach, but his voice never seemed to startle me.
      I nodded, not ready to open my eyes. He lay beside me in the soft grass. Gently weaving one arm beneath my waist, he encircled the other around me, pressing himself against me. I lay the book aside and turned into him, burying my hands and face into his tunic. The gentle caress of his lips brushed against my throat.
      He held me in silence for a long time, the sun warming my back and his steady heartbeat slowing my breaths.
      “Josselyn…I’m sorry,” he whispered, “I should have never left you alone in that tavern.”

Word Count: 6,910

  • Manufactured by: Catherine LaCroix

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