Angel Falls Library Files #7 - Double Dare


[adult, erotica, taboo, mutual masturbation, incest erotica, brother sister taboo, exhibitionism, voyeurism, forbidden love]

Sibling rivalry collides with sexual discovery as Paige relays the tale of Kirk and Candy in this 7th entry of her taboo journals. The two siblings share with Paige the beginnings of their titillating escapades and how their illicit adventures progressed, much to the prurient delight of Angel Falls’ sexiest librarian.


      Shortly after he heard his parents go to bed, Kirk heard the faint sound of his doorknob turn.
      “Kirk? Are you asleep yet?” Candy whispered as she peered around the door.
      “No. Come on in.” Kirk twisted onto his back and sat up to turn on the lamp beside his bed as soon as he heard his sister close the door behind her. He watched as his sister approached the bed and sat down at the side near the foot. Kirk looked at his sister curiously as he sat up.
      It was warm, and he noticed she was wearing a pair of short legged pajama bottoms along with her rather flimsy Barbie pajama top their grandparents gave her for Christmas last year. He couldn't help but stare down at her bare legs for a moment. She was a little chunkier than most girls her age, and it seemed for the first time he was noticing just how shapely her legs actually were compared to most of her friends. Taking a quick glance at her chest, he was surprised to notice that her breasts actually were starting to noticeably bulge out slightly against the fabric of her top.
      Kirk tried to consciously stop gawking at her body and concentrate on her face. He could sense her apprehension, but just waited silently for her to speak.
      “Are you sorry about what we did earlier today?”
      “No. Are you?”
      “It kinda feels like I should be, but…”
      Kirk nodded his head in understanding, but remained silent.
      “Did you mean it when you said you'd like to do it again?”
      “You mean now?”
      “It is kinda late. And what if Mom and Dad happen to hear us?”
      “I can't really sleep. And the thought of getting caught is…I dunno, kind of exciting.”
      Seeing the wicked grin start to form on his sister's face, and the thought of their mom or dad, or both, walking in and catching them playing with themselves together suddenly started his heart racing. More than that, he felt his cock start to twitch and stiffen. The boldness of his sister, along with another glance down her body, fed his own sense of boldness.
      “You wanna do it completely naked this time?”
      Candy's slight wicked grin bloomed out into a full-fledged smile. The thought that her brother wanted to see her completely nude sent a thrill rushing through her that she had never experienced before. “I will if you will.”
      That statement had the same effect for them as the statement “I dare you.” It was a challenge neither of them had ever turned down. This time however the challenge seemed to take on a whole new meaning, and sent thrills through both of them that were totally new to each of them.
      Without hesitation, Kirk quickly peeled off his t-shirt and waited with excitement for his sister to do the same. As Candy lifted her nightshirt over her head, Kirk's eyes widened a bit in amazement that her breasts were as pronounced as they were. Seeing the look of wonder in her brother's eyes actually started to make her pussy moisten. Candy's face flooded with anticipation as she waited for her brother to remove his pajama bottoms.
      Knowing he was already almost fully erect, Kirk's embarrassment added a strange sensation to his excitement as he finally pulled his bottoms down and off. Candy's eyes immediately shot down to his cock. Kirk fought off the urge to want to cover his cock with his hand, yet he was strangely relishing in the embarrassment of being so totally exposed to his little sister.

Word Count: 23,900

  • Manufactured by: Forrest Young

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