Angel Falls Library Files #4 - 6 - Extended Family Collection


[adult, erotica, taboo, incest erotica, group sex, voyeurism, seduction, masturbation, father/daughter taboo, mother/son taboo, mother-in-law/son-in-law taboo, incest romance, spanking, humiliation, interracial sex, bisexual]

The second trilogy of The Angel Falls Library Files continues where “Give and Take” left off, beginning with “Tattletale,” where two families share their pursuits of incestuous delights. Paige’s grandparents get pulled into their illicit activities in “Seduction of the Shrew,” and Paige meets a very special young man and his mother in “Forbidden Incentives.”


      As Justin continued to gaze in his mother’s hungry eyes, he noticed she started fumbling with her pants. His gut grew hollow as she undid her pants and slid them down, stepping out of them and sliding them off to the side with her foot. As Justin’s eyes traced up the curvaceous contours of his mother’s completely naked body and settled once again on the hungry, almost pleading gaze in her eyes, he knew his mother wanted more than just to feel his hard cock in her hands. Much more!
      Their eyes still locked, Justin brought his hands up to his mother’s cheeks and drew her lips to his, their mouths devouring each other as Paula hastily undid her son’s pants and pulled them down. With both completely naked, Paula took her son’s hand as she laid herself down on his bed, gently pulling him down with her. Spreading her legs as she continued looking up at him, she gave her son no doubt as to what it was she wanted. She wanted to feel him inside of her. No foreplay. No words. No explanations. Just his cock inside her pussy. His body on top of hers.
      Justin felt like he should hesitate. A part of him felt like he should ask why. Or at least ask if she was absolutely sure. He didn’t. Her overwhelming need to feel him inside her fed his own. And with one quick thrust they were joined.
      Paula’s head flung back in overwhelming ecstasy as she felt her son’s cock plunge into her as deep as he could get it. Taking only a couple of seconds to luxuriate in the sensation, she opened her eyes and looked at him demandingly. She didn’t need to say anything. Justin knew what she wanted. And as much as he wanted to draw out the experience, to make it last as long as possible, he had no choice but to give in to her silent demand. She wanted to be desired. She wanted to be taken. She wanted to be so overwhelmingly wanted by a man that he had no choice but to plunge mercilessly into her. She wanted to be fucked!
      So he fucked her. He fucked her with abandon. Thrust after thrust made him quickly hunger for release. This woman, his own mother, whom he had lusted after, fantasized about for years, was about to feel the release of his cum into her in just a matter of seconds!
      This was what Paula wanted, what she needed. Wrapping her arms desperately around her son and pulling him against her as tightly as possible, all her clenched voice was able to call out was “Yes! Yes!” as she felt him release into her. The cock that until then she had only felt twitch in her hands, and between her tits, and only once in the crevice of her ass, she was now feeling throb in orgasm inside her pussy. The cum that until then she was only able to watch erupt out of his cock she was now feeling coating the velvety folds of her vaginal walls.
      Justin kept thrusting through his mother’s orgasm. Never had he felt anything so tight! Never did he have to wield so much force in order to penetrate his cock inside someone. But never was he more desperately determined to. As he felt his mother’s arms hold tightly to his back, his hands reached down and grasped tightly on her ass, trying to pull his mother’s cunt up against his spasming prick as deeply as possible.

Word Count: 72,700

  • Manufactured by: Forrest Young

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