Tales of the Circle - The Breaking of Allison


[BDSM, bondage, rough sex, submission, oral sex, anal sex, submissive, humiliation]

Allison lives for two things; advancement at work and dominance in the bedroom. Allison receives a unique opportunity to have both through an invitation to join a special club. But to join Allison must pass a brutal initiation at the hands of Mark, the group's most sadistic member and prove she can also be submissive. Allison doubts she can be broken, but she's never met anyone like Mark before!


      Lying in the oppressive heat of the room, her arms chained to the massive four poster bed, Allison moaned when the silver bullet pressing against her clit began vibrating again. She tried squeezing her legs together even tighter and pushed her hips off the bed, desperately straining to cum.
      “Oh, please,” she whimpered, knowing she sounded pathetic, but unable to help herself.
      She tried to work her thighs up and down to no avail; her legs were tied together at the knees so tightly; she couldn’t move them. Allison whimpered when she felt the first welcome twinges of orgasm flow through her loins.
      Her thighs quivered and she arched her back, wincing, as this caused the chains attached to the nipple clamps to pull tighter. Oh, yes, she thought. Despite the added pain, the vibrator was lasting longer and she was going to…
      The vibrator stopped.
      “Oh, no!” Allison moaned, pumping her hips in vain, before slumping back into the bed. How long had she been left alone like this? That was at least the fifth time the vibrator had gone off.
      How long in between, fifteen minutes? Allsion swallowed hard; her throat was as dry as a bone, unlike the sweat-soaked sheets beneath her. The temperature in the room was close to a hundred degrees.
      She pulled against the manacles that holding her wrists, hoping the sweat would give her enough play to slide up a little. All this did was cause her shoulders to hurt more. At this point, the aching in her shoulders was in perfect time to the throbbing sensation in her ass. She’d been spanked so badly, she could still feel the stinging.
      Opening her eyes as much as the sweat dripping into them and what had been squirted into her right one would allow, she looked up into the mirrored ceiling and groaned at her appearance.
      Allison was naked, her normally ivory complexion flushed red from the heat and her black hair plastered to her forehead and parts of her cheeks. Even in the reflection, she could see the bruising around her pink nipples from the clamps, and how hard they’d been twisted.
      Allison had been chained with her arms as far out to the side as they would go and her legs were wrapped together tightly with a belt. Everything hurt, including her pussy, which had endured the hardest fucking of her life; more like an attack than a sexual encounter.
      She knew this wasn’t the end, not by a long shot. At some point, when he felt her will was worn down even further, Mark would return and the games would begin anew.
      As if on cue, the vibrator once again hummed against her over stimulated clit and he moaned loudly. Despite the pain and humiliation she had endured, her body was being forced towards an orgasm.
      Allison closed her eyes, trying not to push for the orgasm; she would just get more frustrated. What the hell was she doing here? More importantly, why hadn’t she quit yet? It would be so simple. All she had to do was say one word and it would be over.
      She would be untied and could go home. Go back to being the one in control. Who the hell needed this? This wasn’t fun. It was sadistic, trying to get her to break as she herself had broken so many boys.

Word Count: 14,060

  • Manufactured by: L.L. Craft

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