The Runway Archives #2 - Tina


[hardcore, erotica, incest, father, daughter, older man, teen girl, virgin, first-time sex, true love, teen model, The Runway Archives]

Tina had wanted to seduce her sexy father ever since she’d spied on her modeling partner, Tommy, banging his horny mother. But how could she entice him to start touching her...and then make him lose control so that he’d fuck her hard?


      Lately she'd noticed that her dad was starting to act a little weird. He watched her a whole lot more than he had before. And he wasn't getting much sleep. Sometimes she woke in the night, and heard him softly moaning in his bed across the room. He made strange sounds--wet, slippery sounds--that always ended with him gasping and grunting, then relaxing with a deep sigh.
      Just listening to him always made her wet and slippery deep inside, too.
      Did he want to shove his thing into her? A tingly bolt of lightning exploded in her flat belly, and radiated out to make her nipples ache with longing.
      Hal sucked in a labored breath, and she hid her pleased grin beneath the edge of her pillow.
      He'd nearly creamed his pants today when he'd watched her prancing back and forth on the long runway, swiveling her hips and smiling like a born flirt in that skimpy skintight bikini she'd been wearing!
      Of course he'd been realizing for months that his baby girl was growing up. But it hadn't really hit him at a gut level--or a little lower, to be precise--until she'd spun in a graceful circle, flashed him a dazzling smile, and sashayed past him looking like a youthful golden goddess.
      Damn it, no! He was her father! That made her strictly forbidden on at least one legal count, not to mention several thousand moral ones.
      Any way you sliced it, he had no business looking at her like a man lusted after a woman. He had no business dreaming about her, and waking up in a fevered frenzy, clutching his long cock like a drowning man. He had no business fantasizing about her wet mouth closing over his swollen crest, and drawing him deep into her throat until she milked every slippery drop of cum from his shuddering body. And he definitely had no business aching to bury his thudding cock deep in her tight virgin pussy until the entire universe exploded through his body and brain in an exquisite orgasmic eruption!
     S lick pre-cum spurted from his cock as he took another step closer, and stared down in fascination at her slender body. He'd been trying so hard to keep from looking at her--but no one was here now. No one would know if he let his vivid imagination run wild, just for a few moments, and imagined thrusting and plunging his way to a hot, hard orgasm!

Word Count: 7,398

  • Manufactured by: Tani Fredricks

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