The Promise Papers #20 - Like Father, Like Son


[INCEST, Aunt/Nephew Incest, Older Woman, Teen, Hardcore sex, Outdoor sex, M/F]

In one panicked second, their long-awaited mountain hiking trip turned to disaster. But for Jace, dragging his sexy aunt Kathy from the icy river was the easy part. He'd adored Kat all his life, and would risk anything to protect her and keep her safe. Could he protect her from himself when they were forced to share a single sleeping bag on the cold snow-covered mountain?


      "Kat." Jace's voice seemed to echo from a tremendous distance as he bent over her. "Can you hear me? I'm getting you out of these wet clothes, okay? Don't fight me."
      His long fingers flew over her icy zipper and frost-coated buttons. Layer by layer, he peeled away river-soaked fabric. It took a while. She'd dressed sensibly, bundling coat over sweater over flannel shirt over long-johns over...
      Spirits above, who'd have guessed that she wore such incredibly sexy lingerie under all those bulky clothes? Jace gasped for air like a drowning man, and fought to keep his hands from shaking as he spread one of his own shirts across her pearly naked breasts, then fumbled clumsily with her sodden jeans.
      Oh, God. Not only the sexiest lace bra he'd ever seen, but her panties were so sheer that he could see every dark curl beneath them. Heat slammed into his groin so hard and fast that he groaned in agony.
      She was his aunt. His mother's younger sister. His father's lover...
      His teeth sank into his bottom lip as he hooked trembling fingers into the cobweb-fine elastic threads riding high over her slender hips. He yanked them down in one swift move, then threw the sleeping bag across her naked body before his hands could return, of their own volition, to stroke and caress and explore.
      Covering her didn't help. His vivid mind's eye could still see every mysterious shadow and crevice, and his blood began to boil even hotter as her musky scent rose to wrap seductive tendrils around his reeling brain...

Word Count: 5,377

  • Manufactured by: Becca Sinh

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