The Promise Papers #13 - Best Buddies


[Gay Sex, Male Virgin, Teen, Masturbation, Group Sex, Older Man Teen Boy, M/M/M]

Jon had been Tony's best friend for years, and they'd shared nearly everything--even watching his older brother's X-rated movies. Some of them were the normal kind, where guys were eagerly banging gorgeous women. But others were more disturbing, because Tony's older brother was bi-sexual, and enjoyed watching gay movies just as much as he liked the hetero ones.

Jonny wasn't gay...he liked girls! So why did his cock always get hard when he watched Marc's strangely arousing movies? And why was he getting so horny when Tony decided to strip right in front of him, and vigorously beat off?


      "You can't, either!"
      "I can, too!"
      "So? Then show me! Prove it!"
      Tony yanked down his pants, then laughed at the shocked look on his face. "I've been doing this for a long time! It's easy if you're flexible!" he bragged. "Watch!"
      Jon didn't want to watch--it felt too much like he was inside one of Marc's disturbing movies! But he couldn't force himself to look away as Tony slid a hand into his bulging shorts, and pulled his long cock out into the dim light.
      He'd never seen Tony deliberately stroking himself, and an uneasy shiver swept through him as he watched the older teen's fingers glide up and down with hypnotic grace.
      Tony threw him a devilish grin, then doubled over and started eagerly sucking on his own long cock! "Told ya I could do it!" he mumbled around the hard, slick shaft as his head bobbed up and down in a frankly erotic rhythm. "Who needs girls? It's what I do every night while we're cybering--doesn't even make a mess on the keyboard!"
      "And you..." Jon hesitated, appalled by the shocking concept. "You actually swallow?" he finally whispered, his eyes bugging.
      Tony tossed him a cheerful shrug. "Sure, why not? It's not poisonous or anything. Tastes kinda salty, in fact. I like it!"
      That was more than Jon had ever wanted to know! And yet...
      Slowly he pondered everything, then uncertainly met Tony's steady gaze. "And it really feels good?" he ventured, reflexively licking his lips.
      Tony grinned, and vigorously nodded his head. "Lots better than just using your hand!" he assured his best friend. "C'mon, man, it's easy! I can show you how to do it, if you want! Then you'll never have to jack off again!"

Word Count: 3,916

  • Manufactured by: Becca Sinh

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