The Promise Papers #12 - Turnabout


[INCEST, Brother Sister Incest, Teen, Male Virgin, Hardcore sex, Pregnancy, M/F]

Regina had learned about sex at an early age from her sexy uncle--but now he was overseas, she'd lost her job and been forced to move back home, and she was incredibly horny. What else could she do but try to pleasure herself with her favorite vibrator?

Then her horny teenage brother came home early and caught her red-handed...and when she went to his room to apologize for leaving her bedroom door open, her whole life changed!


     "Hey, Brian!" I chose a tone that was partway between cheerfully unconcerned and a little baffled. "I thought you were going to be at the car wash all afternoon!"
     No answer.
     I don't like being ignored any more than the next girl--so I did what any girl would have done. I opened his bedroom door and walked right in.
     And did I ever get an eye-opening shock! Brian was sprawled flat on his back, with his jeans still bunched around his thighs, vigorously pounding his rigid young cock!
     Slippery cum rocketed into the air again and again as he shuddered wildly, then fell back with an exhausted groan.
     "Wow!" My baby brother could cum in quarts!
     Only...he wasn't a baby anymore, was he? When had his shoulders broadened? When had muscles developed across a chest that I distinctly remembered as scrawny? When had he started to shave?
     My baby brother, I realized with a visceral jolt, had morphed into an extremely handsome, sexy young man!
     "Reg!" His voice was still strangled as he struggled to focus on my awed face. "You shouldn't be in here!"
     "Too late!" And too late for me to ever consider my handsome, sexy brother as a pesky little kid again. "Holy crap, Bri, why don't you have girls lining up for blocks?"
     "Go 'way."
     "I don't want to. Why aren't you at the car wash?"
     "Because it's raining!" Now that he'd managed to cover himself, irritation outweighed the humiliation of having been caught red-handed. "Why do you think?"
     "I think," I said slowly, "that we're all alone...and both wanting the same thing."

Word Count: 3,998

  • Manufactured by: Becca Sinh

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