The Promise Papers #7 - Forbidden


[erotica, hardcore, barely-legal, incest, step-siblings, brother/sister, outdoor sex, seduction]

Britney hated being stuck in the Greek islands for two weeks with nothing to do, and not a horny guy in sight. So when her sexy stepbrother, Baxter, arrived to spend his vacation with her, she lost no time in driving him so crazy that he just had to fuck her!

But Baxter was a master at the art of seduction, and he wanted more than just a hot afternoon romp. And when Britney woke up in his bedroom, surrounded by flickering white candles and clothed in a sheer silky gown that clung to every curve, she was about to get a whole lot more than she ever bargained for!


     Bax was always many times had she spied on him whacking off, when he'd thought there was no one around to see? And he had the most delightfully curved cock! It was long, too, and he could shoot milky bursts nearly three feet away when he climaxed.
     They'd be all alone until tomorrow afternoon. What would his long curving cock feel like if he plunged it deep into her? Could she drive him so crazy that he just had to fuck her?
     Oooh, she was getting wet just thinking about it!
     Would Bax like the way she shaved her pussy? She was sure she'd like what he had to offer! And her fingers tingled with anticipation as she rearranged her bikini so that her breasts tumbled out just a bit more, and her g-string panties hung just a bit lower on her thighs.
     "Bax!" She turned, with a happy smile, as the door opened and her sexy half-sib stepped into the cool foyer. "Welcome home!"
     He started to reply...and then he caught a good look at her, and the words got strangled in his throat. "Jesus, Brit, you look fantastic!" he finally managed to exclaim. And she saw, with delight, that his cock was jutting up at an incredibly erotic angle beneath the thin layer of his tailored slacks. "You get more gorgeous every time I see you!"
     She grinned. "I'll bet you say that to all the girls," she teased, and sauntered across the wide tile floor. "Give me a kiss, Bax, and make yourself at home!"
     He started to kiss her cheek--but she flowed into his arms, and locked her mouth against his in a sizzling kiss that nearly buckled his knees.
     Instinctively his arms came around her, and he deepened the kiss until they were both panting with reaction. Then some faint trace of reality crashed back in, and he stumbled back with a low, tormented groan. "What in the hell was that?"
     She slanted a coy glance up at him, and touched her tongue to her bottom lip in a way that she knew, from years of practice, was sure to drive any man wild with raging lust. "I'm just glad to see you, Bax," she smiled.

Word Count: 4,226

  • Manufactured by: Becca Sinh

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