The Promise Papers #3 - Hot Tub Heaven


[erotica, hardcore, barely-legal, lesbian, dildo, masturbation, teen, virgin, sex toys]

Cyndi had been fucking her sexy brother for years--but now she wanted to seduce her best friend, Suzie. And innocent little Suzie was about to discover what could happen when you mixed teenage rebellion, champagne, a big lifelike dildo, and a gigantic hot tub together in one steamy package...


      Suzie quickly set her champagne glass on the armrest as Cyndi hit a button, and streams of bubbles erupted from the tub walls. Then she gasped in surprise, and started to giggle. One of the air jets was right under her, and millions of tiny bubbles were shooting right between her legs, tickling her!
      "Like it?" Cyndi teased, settling down on one of the jets nearby. Frothy bubbles instantly enveloped her lush body like a gauzy blanket. She sighed with pleasure, and leaned her head back.
      "Do you ever get yourself off when no one's around? I do it all the time...and the bubbles make it so hot! I cum really hard sometimes! It's like a million sexy hands on you all at once, stroking you, making you feel good... All I need to do is daydream a little, and I cum in no time!
      "Peter bought me a special toy last fall," she continued, her sultry voice drugged with growing passion. "Sometimes when I'm really horny, I use it to finish me off. It feels so good! You wanta see it? It's not a real big one--not as big as Peter is--but it's a lot of fun!"
      Cyndi reached for something that Suzie didn't immediately recognize. Then its resemblance to something they'd studied in Health class made her stiffen in shock. "That's a...a..."
      "It's a lifesize dildo, yeah," Cyndi grinned, when Suzie choked on the word. "Realistic, flexible, damned near the real thing itself! I can even tie it on and pretend I'm a guy!" she bragged.
      Suzie blankly stared at her. "But...but why?" she stammered, bewildered.
      "Why what, pretend I'm a guy?" Cyndi clarified. For just a moment she hesitated, then casually shrugged and shook her head. "Dunno. Might be fun," she hedged with a sly grin.

Word Count: 3,381

  • Manufactured by: Becca Sinh

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