The Hazard Chronicles #33 - Seductive Secrets


[incest, brother, sister, cousin, teen, virgin, older man, hardcore sex, anal sex, voyeur, first-time sex, The Hazard Chronicles]

Tia was shocked and horrified when she came home early from town and caught Bethany and Caleb having sex out in the near pasture…and worse yet, Reese was standing on the porch, avidly watching them! He was their elder brother…why didn’t he try to stop them? Why couldn’t he realize how wrong it was?

Then he showed her just what she’d been missing…and suddenly found the tables were turned when sweet, innocent little Tia rocked his world hotter than any atom bomb!


      How could they?
      She knew what she’d seen…there couldn’t possibly be any mistake. Bethany and Caleb had been bare-skin naked out in the field. And they hadn’t been skinny-dipping or sunbathing…they’d been having sex.
      And Reese had been spying on them.
      She wasn’t sure which part was worse!
      Moaning, she curled up into a tight little ball, and rocked back and forth. How could they be doing such an awful, wicked thing? Why hadn’t God blasted them into a million charred fragments? And why hadn’t Reese tried to stop them? He was the eldest; it was his responsibility to make sure his brother and sister behaved properly!
      Having sex with each other in broad daylight was not behaving properly!
      And yet…
      A soft whimper echoed in her throat as hot excitement began to flood her trembling body. When she’d studied human reproduction in school, it had all seemed so...clinical. Boring, really. That book had never said a single word about how beautiful the human body could be, or how thrilling it could be to watch a couple making love. She’d never realized...never had any idea!
      Now that she knew...
      How could she ever erase that provocative image from her reeling mind?
      She hugged her knees a little tighter as liquid heat tingled through her veins, and pooled enticingly in her stomach. She was just as evil, she must be! Why else would she be longing to creep back out and spy on them just like Reese had been doing?

Word Count: 6,836

  • Manufactured by: Tani Fredricks

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