The Hazard Chronicles #31 - April Fool's


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Cara loved pulling pranks on her twin brother, Kean…and this April Fool’s Day prank was going to be the best one yet! But her wicked plot backfired when she crept into his room to tease him awake, and discovered that he was already horny and desperate for sex.

Suddenly the tables were turned, and she found herself helplessly enthralled by the stunning pleasure in his clever hands and muscular body. Could she stop him from going too far and taking her innocence? Did she even want to?


      She’d been planning her prank for weeks, and it was unquestionably the best one she’d ever devised. Kean was going to be so pissed at her…and then they’d share a good laugh over it, as always, and she’d strut away the victor yet again.
      He hadn’t managed to outdo her in years.
      She’d taken care with her plans, griping incessantly about her bedroom door’s faint squeaking until her father had finally gone through the entire house with a can of WD-40. That faint creak had always protected her from Kean’s mischievous retaliation…but this would be worth losing her early-warning system.
      His door didn’t squeak anymore, either.
      And since it was a weekday, their folks would be gone for hours. It just couldn’t get any better!
      He was probably dreaming about Wendy right now, and she wondered, a little jealously, how far they’d gone. Had the sultry blonde spread her legs yet and let Kean have sex with her? Or was she still just teasing him…the way Cara was about to do?
      Excitement began to tingle through her limber body when she tiptoed into the hall, and carefully twisted his bedroom knob. His door glided open without a sound.
      Kean was sprawled across the mattress, bare-naked except for the thin sheet tangled around his lean waist. Cara eyed him with devilish delight. He’d grown strong and muscular over the years; her scrawny brother had matured into a really handsome young man!
      Then her jaw dropped when she realized that the sheet was jutting straight up, and rising and falling in an incredibly erotic rhythm.
      He must be having a really amazing dream if he was that horny!
      Well, better and better! Instead of having to do all kinds of kinky things to arouse him, then shimmy away again with a wicked laugh, it would only take a few seconds to drive him half-crazy!
      Cautiously she padded over to his wide bed, and rested a bare knee on the mattress. He didn’t stir. Gaining courage, she eased over his long body and straddled him, then settled down just a little.
      She’d positioned herself better than she realized, and the heat from his rigid cock was a heart-stopping shock. Gasping, Cara froze. She didn’t want to get intimate with him…Kean was her brother! She only wanted to tease him a little, then step back and taunt him until he burst into laughter and hurled a pillow at her!
      But in order to tease him…
      What on earth had she been thinking? Of course she’d have to touch him, at least a little, to really get a rise out of him!
      Only he’d already risen, and now his searching cock was prodding insistently between her soft bare folds!
      She’d touched herself occasionally, of course…what healthy teenage girl didn’t? But her own slender fingers had never felt like this! She’d never imagined that a man’s cock would be so hot! And the sheer excitement of feeling it rock against her sensitive flesh was…breathtaking!
      Then Kean arched a little higher, and her eyes nearly blurred with stunned pleasure. Oh, if only he wasn’t her brother, and she could sink down on all that delicious pulsing steel with a husky moan of delight!
      Would it hurt as it filled her? Would it stretch her so wide that she’d feel like she was being split apart? Or would it just feel amazing as he pushed deeper and deeper, and urgent groans echoed from his throat?
      If she forgot all her inhibitions and let him take her virginity, would he be horrified? Or would the illicit thrill excite him so much that he’d eagerly fuck her half-senseless?
      Would she let him cum inside her?
      Would she be able to stop him?
      Would she even want to?
      No, she couldn’t think this way! Kean was forbidden! He didn’t realize what he was doing…he had no idea it was his precocious twin sister perched above his straining body!
      She never should have started this…never should have let herself see Kean as anything but her annoying brother. Now that she saw him as a man…a sexy, virile, exciting man…how could she ever take that crucial step back and become unaware of him again?

Word Count: 3,648

  • Manufactured by: Becca Sinh

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