The Hazard Chronicles #30 - Midnight Lover


[erotica, hardcore, voyeur, teen, virgin, older man, first-time sex, living room sex, anal sex, blowjob, best friend’s father, groupsex, mff, incest, father-daughter sex, The Hazard Chronicles]

      Kiley didn’t mean to spy on her best friend’s father while he was masturbating in the living room one night. But Mr. McPherson was so sexy, and watching him made her so horny! She just couldn’t resist watching him again and again!
      Then he caught her at it, and she discovered that doing was even more fun than watching!


      Bailey yawned, then ruefully laughed. “I’m wiped out. Think I’ll head to bed early tonight,” she apologized, and pushed herself up off the couch where she’d been relaxing. “You coming, Kiley, or are you going to stay up a while longer?”
      The longer she stayed in the living room, the longer it would take for her to creep back downstairs and watch Mr. McPherson…
      No, she wasn’t going to do that again tonight, she firmly reminded herself. It was just too dangerous, because sooner or later he was going to catch her at it.
      Had he really gasped her name last night just as he’d climaxed?
      Oh, she was going to drive herself crazy thinking this way!
      “Coming,” she agreed, and lifted a hand in—she hoped—casual farewell as she followed Bailey from the room.
      “Dad really liked watching you dance,” the older girl commented as she stripped out of her clothes, and tugged on a loose nightshirt.
      Kiley quickly slid into her adjoining bed. “Does the first time really hurt?” she asked. “My mother said it always does. But some of the girls in school said it didn’t.”
      “It’ll feel really strange when you have sex the first time,” Bailey confided. “If the guy’s big, it’ll hurt really good.”
      Kiley wasn’t sure how anything could hurt good…but she wanted to find out. “Night,” she murmured, and settled down to wait until Bailey was soundly asleep.
      It didn’t take long. Fifteen minutes later, she was creeping downstairs, and padding barefoot through the kitchen.
      Mr. McPherson was already stretched out in his recliner, naked as a newborn babe. But no baby had ever looked like that, and the sight of him stole Kiley’s breath. Eagerly she inched closer to the door, and stared raptly at his reflection in the wall mirror.
      Hunger churned inside her, and she nervously pressed her bare thighs together. She wanted to have sex with him…and if he wanted to do it kinky like Bailey’s lover, she might just let him! Anything, if it would just ease this aching need inside her belly!
      But how could she entice him into sharing sex with her? It wasn’t like she could boldly walk into the room and climb onto his lap!

Word Count: 7,124

  • Manufactured by: Tani Fredricks

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