The Hazard Chronicles - Volume 2 - Taboo Desires


[erotica, hardcore, incest, father/daughter, stepfather/stepdaughter, mother/son, brother/sister, step-siblings, groupsex, partner-swapping, teen, virgin]

Hazard, Montana--population 103--looks like such a wholesome little town! But there are wicked secrets hiding in the shadows. Forbidden temptations, taboo lusts, and evil desires are tempting one family after another. Cum join the carnal, incestuous fun in Hazard...if you dare!

Includes the incredibly popular stories:

1) Christmas Crossover
2) New Beginnings
3) The Gift
4) The House Sitter
5) While Mom Is Away...
6) Burn, Baby, Burn!
7) Discovery
8) Fun and Games
9) New Beginnings II - "Noel"

** Special Bonus: Merry Christmas, Baby! ** Share in the long-awaited birth of Sara and Father Andrew's forbidden baby...on Christmas Eve, during the midnight Mass! Available only through this anthology...not available as an individual stand-alone story.


1) Christmas Crossover - Carly and her best friend, Samantha, were perfectly happy banging their respective fathers. Will and Byron were both sexy, energetic, inventive, and full of stamina. But it was Christmas Eve, and they'd decided that a little variety would be lots of fun. So they'd come up with a fantastic plan: Just for tonight, they'd swap partners, and fuck the living daylights out of each other's dads. Once Will and Byron realized what their horny little girls were planning, they were happy to oblige. But none of them realized that their incestuous teenage neighbors, Jerry and Jenny, were eagerly spying on them through the frosty window! (incest, swapping, teen, father, older man, lingerie, voyeur, barn sex, group orgy, mmff, sister, brother, daughter, bff, Christmas Eve)

2) New Beginnings - Adam had lusted after his sexy stepdaughter for years. But he'd never realized that she wanted him, too...and most of all, that she wanted him to be her first lover. He was trying to be strong...but how could he resist when they were stranded in the snowy mountains, with no one else around...and if they didn't snuggle together for warmth, they'd freeze to death? (teen, virgin, incest, stepfather, stepdaughter)

3) The Gift - Danni was extremely pregnant--and unbearably horny! Nothing she'd tried had helped to quench the fire in her blood. So when her teenage son, Hunter, wanted to feel the baby move...and curiosity became hot forbidden lust...she couldn't turn him away! But there was more to Hunter than met the eye, and Danni was about to learn that they'd been given the most precious of all gifts...another chance for true love! (incest, mother, son, pregnant, paranormal)

4) The House Sitter - Devon had been raised in a creepy religious fanatic's commune where all the men lived on one side of the compound, and all the women lived on the other side. So when her father's new boss, Rory Johnson, asked her to house-sit while he was away on business, and she found his big stack of porn DVDs, she was so curious that she just had to watch one! But she never expected him to come home early, and catch her at it......... (teen, virgin, commune, religious fanatic, older man, hot tub, porn movie, hot tub sex)

5) While Mom Is Away... - Randi had always wanted her mom's new husband, Ben, to be her first lover...but since he was strictly forbidden, she'd started going out with a boy in her class. Now they'd broken up, and she was so frustrated and horny! She wanted to get laid more than anything else in the world--but she'd never dreamed that Ben ached to be her first lover! (virgin, teen, incest, stepfather, stepdaughter, anal sex, outdoor sex)

6) Burn, Baby, Burn! - Rusty was in for a shock when he rounded the barn corner, and found his boss's pretty daughter trying to smoke a cigarette! Why hadn't he realized how much she'd grown up? And she looked outrageously sexy in that skimpy vest and shorts! Suddenly he ached to cool the fire in his blood by plunging deep into her hot little body! And he'd figured out the perfect way to get away with it... (virgin, teen, ranch hand, barn sex, smoking)

7) Discovery - Peter was going so crazy from listening to his horny neighbors fucking each other like crazed weasels that he was just about ready to explode! But he never expected his pretty twin sister to catch him beating off in the hallway...or to be so horny herself that she was willing to spread her legs and let him fuck her! (incest, teen, virgin, male virgin, priest, pregnant, voyeur, condom, cabin sex)

8) Fun And Games - Alan hadn't meant for his pretty half-sister to take the blame when he raided his father's liquor cabinet. So he figured he owed her a mighty big apology...and since she was getting interested in sex, he knew just what to do! Little did he know that he was the first-time lover she'd been dreaming about! (incest, teen, virgin, half-brother, half-sister, anal sex)

9) New Beginnings II - "Noel" - Adam needed sex so bad that he was going absolutely crazy. But Brenna was about to have her first baby, so they'd had to stop fucking each other weeks ago. And after the baby was born, it would be another two whole months before they could start up again. But Brenna had other ideas. She wanted sex one last time before she went into labor. She wanted it now. And she wasn't going to take 'no' for an answer! (teen, stepfather, stepdaughter, pregnant, lactating, childbirth, sex)

10) Merry Christmas, Baby! (Special bonus story) - Welcome the birth of Father Andrew's and Sara Gardner's illicit baby...on Christmas Eve, during the middle of the midnight Mass! (childbirth, labor, and an unexpected surprise...)

Word Count: 48,297

  • Manufactured by: Becca Sinh

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