The Hazard Chronicles - Volume 1 - Forbidden Lusts


[erotica, hardcore, incest, father/daughter, brother/sister, step-siblings, groupsex, priest, teen, virgin, male virgin]

Hazard, Montana--population 103--looks like such a wholesome little town! But there are wicked secrets hiding in the shadows. Forbidden temptations, taboo lusts, and evil desires are tempting one family after another. Cum join the carnal, incestuous fun in Hazard...if you dare!

Includes the incredibly popular stories:

1) Sins of the Father
2) Temptation
3) The More, The Merrier!
4) Carnal Pleasures
5) Frailties of the Flesh
6) Taboo
7) Rebirth
8) Vixen
9) Irony


1) Sins of the Father - Henry had always wondered who his father was...but finally learning the truth rocked his entire world. Who could have imagined that Uncle Charlie, Aunt Desi, and his mom had been indulging in sizzling-hot group orgies for nearly twenty years? He'd always thought of Aunt Desi and Uncle Charlie's gorgeous daughter, Sara, as his cousin. And he'd spent all winter fantasizing about being her lover. Now that he knew she was his illicit was he going to make it through the summer without going insane? (incest, rape, swapping, cousin, outdoor sex, virgin, cousin, half-sister, half-brother)

2) Temptation - Byron and his pretty daughter had been living alone ever since his wife had died twelve years ago. He'd long-since resigned himself to whacking off half a dozen times every night, because no other woman could possibly measure up to his lovely Maria. Why hadn't he realized that his mischievous tomboy daughter had grown up into an exquisitely gorgeous woman...or that she was eager to experience the delightful wonders of sex...with him? (teen, virgin, incest, taboo, father, daughter, masturbation, dildo/vibrator, anal sex)

3) The More, The Merrier! - Savannah loved being pregnant, and she and her husband, Clay, had vowed to have at least a dozen children. There was only one problem: Clay couldn't have kids. So pretty Sunny figured out the perfect way to solve their problem. She chose a different man every time she wanted to have another baby. And Clay was perfectly happy to adopt them as his own. College professor Murphy Rawlins didn't have any idea what Sunny had planned when she asked him to come out and assess her great-grandfather's antique farming tools. But he found out fast when she decided to seduce him in the barn...and then her horny husband joined in the fun! (teen, cheating wife, college professor, pregnancy, breast-feeding, mother's milk, barn sex, groupsex, mmf)

4) Carnal Pleasures - Father Andrew had lusted after Sara from the shadows for years. But he'd taken a sacred vow, and he didn't intend to break it. No matter how much he might want her--and no matter how many times he might stroke himself to a hot, sweaty orgasm in the privacy of his rectory bedroom--he was never going to cross that forbidden line by touching her... Until the day she came to his office for private counseling, taught him the incredible wonder of sweaty carnal pleasures, and turned his entire world upside down... (priest, teen, virgin male, Catholic, forbidden, blowjob, hardcore, masturbation, church sex)

5) Frailties Of The Flesh - Will's left hand and his horny cock had gotten to be best friends after his live-in girlfriend had moved out, and there didn't seem to be any change in sight...until his pretty teenage daughter, Carly, saw him beating off behind the barn. She wanted him to be her first lover...and suddenly he discovered a whole new world opening up before him! (teen, virgin, farm sex, incest, taboo, masturbation, voyeur, blowjob, porn book, dirty pictures)

6) Taboo - He knew it was wrong. But every man has his limits. And when his outrageously sexy daughter threw herself at him, and wouldn't take 'no' for an answer, Tom began to realize that the love he'd always felt for her wasn't entirely platonic... (father, daughter, virgin, teen, taboo, incest, blowjob, sex)

7) Rebirth - Steve wanted to get into his pretty cousin's tight shorts, and make her scream with delight, so badly that he was going absolutely crazy...until he learned that she'd been brutally raped by the man that they both called 'father.' Suddenly he found himself wanting her even more! But now a quick lusty afternoon affair wasn't going to be enough. He ached to seduce her, teach her that making love really was an incredible experience, and bring her terrified body and soul back to life... (teen, cousin, stepbrother, stepsister, blowjob, rape, incest, seduction, outdoor sex)

8) Vixen - Jerry was plenty popular with the local girls, and he'd never even considered having sex with his pretty younger sister--until he caught her skinny-dipping in the pond, and she enticed him into a ball-busting blowjob! Now, even though he knew it was strictly forbidden, he simply couldn't think of anything else... (incest, teen, brother, sister, virgin, blowjob, hardcore, anal sex, outdoor sex)

9) Irony - Father Andrew hadn't meant to break his sacred vow of celibacy with pretty Sara Gardner...and he was trying really hard to keep from straying into temptation again. But Sara's father believed that he'd be a good influence on her, and had thoughtlessly thrown them together for the afternoon. How could they keep from getting burned when the passionate sparks started to fly? (teen, priest, outdoor sex)

Word Count: 59,770

  • Manufactured by: Becca Sinh

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