The Hazard Chronicles #16 - Discovery


[erotica, hardcore, incest, barely-legal, brother/sister, twincest, virgin, male virgin, priest, pregnant, voyeur]

Peter was going so crazy from listening to his horny neighbors fucking each other like crazed weasels that he was just about ready to explode! But he never expected his pretty twin sister to catch him beating off in the hallway...or to be so horny herself that she was willing to spread her legs and let him fuck her!


      Ahhh, man, they were getting louder. Or was it just because he was leaning against the wall, panting raggedly, so he could hear them better?
      He really ought to race for the bathroom...or else back stagger back to his own narrow bed. But his legs were too wobbly to support him. Groaning, he slid his hand into his tight cotton briefs, and whipped his quivering cock out. The sultry night air felt curiously seductive against his bare flesh. His fingers wrapped around it, and began to stroke.
      Oh, that was a mistake! If he gushed out here in the hall, he'd have a helluva time cleaning it all up. The tile was a lot easier to wipe down than the faded carpet. Wobbly or not, he couldn't stay here.
      He'd only taken a single step when Joyce's door silently opened.
      "Peter!" Her eyes bugged in shocked surprise when she saw him just outside, desperately clutching himself. "For crying out loud, what are you thinking of? Get in here, before Mom or Dad come out and see you!"
      She yanked on his arm so hard that he stumbled. And then her bedroom door was closing behind him, and she was glaring at him with her hands jammed on her hips.
      Almost...almost...his huge erection went limp from the embarrassment of having been caught red-handed. But the sounds from next door were an erotic goad...and Joyce's skimpy babydoll nightie was an unexpected bonus. Ragged gasps began to tear through his chest as he fell back against the doorframe, shuddering.
      "Can't stop..." His low voice cracked as his fingers whipped up and down even faster. "Can't stop..."
      Her eyes bugged as he stiffened, and the rigid shaft beneath his hand swelled. "Peter...?"
      "Unh!" He choked back a raspy moan, and frantically cupped his other hand over his pulsing crest to keep from spattering her. "Oh, man!"
      The activity next door was reaching a frenzied peak. He shuddered again, and his head fell back, as another hot surge of passion caught him off-guard.
      His knees folded, and he sank to the carpet. She grabbed at his arm to balance him. "I never realized that it could be that intense!" he heard her whisper in an unsteady whisper.
      He was too dizzy to manage a breathless response.
      For a long moment, the only sounds echoing through the room were muffled cries from the next apartment, and his harsh panting gasps.
      Her hand was still warm on his arm. He stared down at it in dazed exhaustion, and tried to catch his breath.
      He'd just cum in front of his sister. God was definitely going to strike him dead.

Word Count: 6,279

  • Manufactured by: Becca Sinh

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