The Hazard Chronicles #2 - Temptations


[erotica, hardcore, incest, barely-legal, father/daughter, masturbation, dildo/vibrator, teen, virgin, anal sex]

Just how much temptation could a man withstand before his control snapped?

Byron and his pretty daughter had been living alone ever since his wife had died twelve years ago. He'd long-since resigned himself to whacking off half a dozen times every night, because no other woman could possibly measure up to his lovely Maria. Why hadn't he realized that his mischievous tomboy daughter had grown up into an exquisitely gorgeous woman...or that she was eager to experience the delightful wonders of sex...with him?


      A strange buzzing noise caught Byron's attention as he climbed the old farmhouse's rickety stairs, and he frowned in confusion. The farm had been in his family for five generations. He was used to all of its creaks, groans, and bangs. But he'd never heard it buzz before!
      The sound was coming from somewhere down the long hallway.
      Samantha's bedroom?
      Relief almost made him laugh. Of course. She was probably just using his electric razor to shave her legs again. Even though he'd told her not to. Repeatedly.
      He almost turned away, because it just wasn't worth fighting over, especially since he'd already decided to buy a new razor for himself, and just let her have his old one.
      No, damn it. A rule was a rule. How was a man supposed to maintain any control over his headstrong teenage daughter if he couldn't enforce even the simplest rules?
      Sighing, he turned the worn brass doorknob. Her bedroom door opened without a sound.
      Sam wasn't using his razor to shave her legs. She was lying naked on her bed, rocking feverishly back and forth, with a buzzing vibrator buried deep in her pretty trimmed pussy.
      Holy Christ!
      Byron's dozing cock jolted to rock-hard attention so violently that his knees almost buckled...and before he could do more than gasp in dazed shock, raging passion exploded from the swollen crest in a hot, wet rush.
      Sam's sudden ecstatic cry muffled his strangled moan, and her slender back arched in the most erotic ballet he'd ever seen. His chest began to heave with reaction.
      No no no no no! Don't let her see you!
      Damned right he didn't want her to see him, not like this! Not when his tongue was hanging halfway down his chest, and his thudding cock was clawing at his zipper for release!
      Somehow he managed to close the door without being noticed. And then he simply fell back against the cool wall, and panted for breath.
      When had his baby girl blossomed into such a sexy young woman? She'd been a tomboy with scabbed knees and shaggy black hair for so many years that he hadn't even realized how she was growing up!
      Well, he sure knew now!
      And every time he looked at her, from this day forward, he was going to see her gorgeous curving body writhing in sensual ecstasy.
      Heat rocketed through his lean body, and centered in his aching groin. He groaned in agony as his cock rose again, hard and eager, and began to throb in time with his racing pulse.
      He'd always figured that he and Sam were about as close as a father and daughter could get. Best friends, able to tell each other anything. It was an appalling shock to realize that he wanted to be a whole helluva lot closer to her...intimately close!
      That simply wouldn't do. No, that simply wouldn't do at all.
      Byron closed his eyes, sucked in a deep breath, and fought to slow his racing heart.
      The soft buzzing sound had stopped.
      Was she still laying naked on the bed, relaxing in the fuzzy afterglow of a hot, strong climax?
      God, he had to stop thinking like this!
      Before she could wander out and find him panting in the hallway, he forced his leaden feet into motion. His own room was at the other end of the shadowed corridor. He managed to stagger through his door and close it before his shaking legs gave way.
      An instant later, his pants were around his ankles, and his hand was wrapped around his long rigid cock. And he was pumping away like a madman...

Word Count: 6,690

  • Manufactured by: Becca Sinh

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