The Hazard Chronicles #6 - Taboo


[erotica, hardcore, barely-legal, incest, father/daughter, teen, virgin]

He knew it was wrong. But every man has his limits. And when his outrageously sexy daughter threw herself at him, and wouldn't take 'no' for an answer, Tom began to realize that the love he'd always felt for her wasn't entirely platonic!


      It was wrong, and he knew it.
      He was a sick, twisted bastard. And he knew that, too.
      But it didn't stop him from lusting after the sexy teenage girl lounging by the pool.
      On a scale of one to ten, she was a seventy-six. Her legs were long and shapely, her pretty little ass was firm and rounded, her waist was narrow, her skin was deeply tanned all over from long hours in the sun.
      Her breasts...
      Tom felt his willful cock harden even more, and thrust right out the bottom of his ragged work shorts, then boldly curve up like an Arabian scimitar.
      Her lovely breasts were a work of art. Perfectly shaped, perfectly sized for her petite body. Perfect dusky rose-hued nipples jutting toward the cloudless blue sky. Perfect deep valley between those lush swelling mounds.
      The tiny curls between her parted legs were dark, like her long waving hair. They gleamed in the hot sunlight like the finest satin. From his vantage, he could almost see the paler pink of her bare pussy. Just imagining her soft folds growing wet with passion was driving him crazy!
      Slowly his rapt gaze rose to her face. Young. Seductive. Beautiful beyond belief.
      Innocence incarnate in a woman's ripe, inviting body.
      Slick pre-cum began to dampen his aching cock. He moaned in abject torment, and curled his fingers tightly over his long shaft to keep hot spasms from exploding into the plush carpet beneath his feet.
      If he was smart, he'd force his feet away from the open patio door before she opened her eyes and saw him. He had no business craving such a sweet young thing. And he certainly had no business standing where she could see him while he pounded his immense cock like a horny teenage boy.
      His mind knew the smart thing to do. But his other head was fully in charge, and it had already decided on a different course of action.
      And then it was too late. She turned her head, and opened her eyes.
      A slow, secretive smile curved her lips as she spied him standing just inside the living room door, clutching ten inches of solid steel in fingers that trembled with raw lust.
      "Hello, Dad," she said...and the raging volcano that was his screaming need erupted in a hot, wet, spattering gush...

Word Count: 6,295

  • Manufactured by: Becca Sinh

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