Lights, Camera, Mom!


[mother son incest, mother son sex, taboo erotica, group sex, lesbian sex, milf, porn star, mother son romance, mother son fantasy]

A unique full length incest novel from The Mistress of the Taboo, Laura Lovecraft!

In the 90's Mary, aka Molly Minx', was one of porn's hottest stars. Then she met James, fell in love and quit the industry. Mary had never been happier, a man who adored her and an amazing son to be proud of. But when James takes ill and passes away Mary, desperate to keep her home and her son Paul in college, returns to the only career she ever knew, a porn star. Now a milf, Molly Minx is once again making a name for herself, but now in the role of a mother in a series of incest movies.

Mary isn't thrilled with the roles and what they represent, especially as she has a son, but they pay well and she finds she is disturbingly good at them. Good not just at the sex, but conveying affection in the romantic mother son scenes. Making things worse, she is beginning to feel as if she is living one of the scripts. Paul seems to be getting closer and closer to her and worse? She finds she enjoys his attention a bit too much. Mary figures she is letting the guilt and stress get to her and there's nothing there.

In her mind the biggest concern is Paul finding her movies and discovering who she is. When he does Mary finds there is an even bigger problem; Paul has known who she is since before her return, having found her old movies in his father's office. Worse? Not only does he know who his mother is and what she does, but he is her biggest fan.

Paul is convinced Mary is filming those movies to show him how much she wants her son. Mary tells him he's wrong, but is he?


      I went to my site and saw Dan wasn’t kidding, there were well over a hundred contact messages. I scrolled through them and noticed my devoted follower ‘sowantmymom’ was on there several times.
      Figuring I may as well take care of my dedicated followers I clicked on his latest message.
      “Molly! Just joined Real Moms and saw your new movie! Left a comment there, but wanted to come here and tell you that wasn’t only hot, but brought tears to my eyes! Soon my mom is going to look at me just like that! I can feel it! Thank you for keeping me inspired and showing me how loving a mom can be!”
      “Great.” I grunted, this would help with my mood, but I told Dan I would.
      I typed back a quick reply that I was happy to help a loving son like him keep his desires going and signing off ‘Hugs and hot kisses, Molly’ I sent it. I went to the next message and jerked my head up at the sound of a ring.
      Paul’s damn notifications again, at least I knew what they were now. I went back to the comments and decided to come up with a standard reply and copy and paste my way through them. I went quickly through a couple dozen, then saw sowantmymom again.
      I typed something different for them that way in case there was another one from them farther down the list it wouldn’t look like I was cheating, using the same reply. I thanked him for being such a dedicated fan and how I always thought of my young ‘sons’ when I was on the set.
      Pure crap, or was it? Couldn’t say for sure after last week, but it sounded better to tell myself it was crap. I sent it off, clicked to the next one, and then froze when Paul’s lap top went off again. I looked over at it and my heart beat faster. I’d sent two messages to sowantmymom and two new e-mails to Paul.
      “Knock it off.” I whispered. Get a grip Mary, you’re chasing shadows.
      That’s what it was, coincidence combined with paranoia. I went back to what I was doing, but kept looking up at Paul’s lap top as if I were expecting it do something when I wasn’t looking.
      Okay, I took a deep breath, easy enough to prove. I searched for and found another sowantmymom message and without even bothering to read it, typed ‘thank you, for being a fan love, Molly’ and sent it.
      My stomach felt as if someone had kicked me when Paul’s lap top went off seconds later.
      “No.” I got up from my chair and moved around the table so quickly I tripped over the leg and fell on my knees.
      Ignoring the pain from landing on the hardwood floor, I was up like a shot and sitting in front of his lap top opened it. I went down to the chrome logo and saw he didn’t have anything open. Standing up, I leaned over and pulling my lap top over, replied to the same message, with nothing but a few random letters I typed.
      I sent it and jumped when Paul’s lap top whistled at me and a small box appeared in the corner of his screen “You have received a message from Molly!”
      Despite my shock I clicked on the message box and as I’d hoped it opened up his yahoo inbox.
      “Oh my god.” I groaned when I saw four messages from my website at the top of his e-mails.
      I leaned back in the chair, my temples now throbbing in time with my pounding heart.
      Paul knew who I was.
      No, it was worse than that; my son knew what I was doing and not only hadn’t said anything, but was watching my movies. He was following my ‘career’ and communicating with me as sowantmymom.
      “No, no, no.” I kept repeating aloud as I thought of his messages, telling me how he wanted his mom and how he felt he was getting close to having her.
      I went back to my lap top and saw the first message I had replied to had been sent late last night. Last night, after I’d let him take my shirt off and kissed him.
      Paul not only knew my secret, but he wanted me.
      No, he wanted Molly, not me.
      But I was Molly.
      I stared at his e-mails and no longer able to hold it back, buried my face in my hands and burst into tears.

Word Count: 108,000

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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