[Brother/Sister Incest, Fantasy World, Interracial, M/F]

The incredibly powerful Mating Force ensured that their remote island tribe would survive. But when Kiel and his lovely sister, Kiri, were shipwrecked in a violent storm, and forced to take shelter far from their native home, they were faced with a terrible decision. Yield to the irresistible primal drive, conceive a child, and live. Resist...and suffer the tragic consequences.

How could they possibly turn to each other, even when the alternative meant certain madness and a horribly agonizing death?


      "We've been here nearly three months now." A strange urgency filled Kiel's voice as he gripped Kiri's arms, and fought to steady his breathing. "I was on my way to my First Mating ceremony when the storm capsized our ship. The mating force is already strong inside me. I can ease it some by pleasuring myself...but it's not enough. Not nearly enough!
      "And when it happens to you..." An embarrassed flush darkened his ebony cheeks. "It's much, much stronger! Women who can't mate when their fertile cycle begins can die! And it could happen any day, Kiri. You're right on the verge!"
      Anxiously she looked down at the shore, where the half-built shell of their boat rested between rugged supports. It would take at least another two months to finish, and even longer to provision it for a journey. How much time did she have left?
      "Can I pleasure myself the way you do? Will that help ease the worst of it?"
      A fierce shudder rippled down his spine, and he squeezed his eyes shut. "I don't know. Maybe, some. But the mating force can be so strong that you'll do things you shouldn't, and not even realize that they're wrong."
      She couldn't bear to see him hurting! "Will you let me help you, Kiel? Will you let me pleasure you? And then when my mating time comes, you can mate with me, and that will keep us both safe!"
      He jolted, as though lightning had struck him, and sweat began to bead his dark face. "Don't even joke about something like that, Kiri," he groaned. "The First Mating ceremony always produces a child! And it would be so wrong! I'm the one person who can't mate with you, no matter how much..."
      He sucked in a tortured breath that sounded like a strangled moan, then wrenched away and raced down the hillside on unsteady legs.
      Kiri stared after him in dismay. What had she been thinking? Of course he couldn't mate with her, he was her brother!
      And yet... Who else could she turn to?

Word Count: 3,401

  • Manufactured by: Becca Sinh

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