Revenge of the Hotwife


[cuckolding, hotwife, erotica, interracial, big black bull, hardcore sex, interracial sex, cuckolded husband]

Melissa is fuming. She's on her honeymoon, but she's just read her husband's text messages. He's cheating on her! Now she only has one thing on her mind – revenge!

But what form will her revenge take? How about - inviting a bull and his BBC to pound her? How about - making her husband watch as he takes her hard, fast and without protection? How about - making him clean up the mess they leave?

Revenge is sweet. But when it involves cuckolding your cheating husband - well, then its even sweeter!


      James sat on the bed, his face red, his mouth opening and closing like a goldfish. His towel had ridden up around his legs, and his little shrivelled cock was peeping out from under it. How in the world had I ever been attracted to this man?
      “Get off the bed,” Mike ordered him. “Me and Melissa are going to need it. You sit over there.” He indicated to a chair on the far side of the room. James stood and slunk towards it, his shoulders hunched. All the fight seemed to have gone out of him.
      Mike sat down on the edge of the bed, his tree-trunk-like legs spread apart. “Let’s get started, shall we? Melissa, get yourself over here and suck on my cock.” He undid the rope of his dressing gown and let it fall to the floor.
      “Oh. My. God!” I sighed as I caught my first glimpse of what Mike was packing between his legs. He was a big guy, and let’s just say that his manhood was in proportion to the rest of him. It was big. It was black. And even half erect it was still a hell of a lot bigger than my husband’s little white worm.
      Mike grinned as he watched my reaction. “Never seen a black-snake before, huh? Well, don’t be shy. It won’t bite. But if you suck on it hard enough it might spit.”

Word Count: 5,135

  • Manufactured by: Scarlet Smith

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