And The Butler Makes Three


[Victorian erotica, historical menage ffm, virgin first time defloration, younger girl older man, lesbian incest cousins]

“It seems a very jolly game, and usually I only have myself to play with...”

Abigail is a shy, lonely girl of eighteen, with no real friends and no experience of the opposite sex. When her pretty cousin Gloria comes to stay, she tells Abigail a tall tale about all the fun and games she has been up to in the pantry with Edward, her handsome butler.

Excited and enthralled by her cousin's steamy story, Abigail vows that she too must have a taste of Edward. The two girls hatch a plot to seduce him, and soon they discover that although two can have fun, three is far more pleasurable...


      She reached down, and deftly undid the buttons on the front of the butler’s trousers. He let out a groan, and suddenly the long fleshy rod which Gloria had glimpsed the previous day sprang forth like an eager snake. A small speck of fluid glistened on the tip of its ruby-red head.
      “But what’s this?” Gloria asked. “It isn’t like any kind of candy that I’ve ever seen before! I wonder what it tastes like?” She bent down, and took the tip of it in her mouth, giving it a little lick as she did so. Edward groaned again, his eyes fixed on his young mistress as she tasted him.
      “I say!” said Gloria, looking up at him and giving a saucy smile. “It isn’t sweet at all. In fact, it’s rather salty. Still tasty though.” She lowered her head a took him in her mouth once more, rolling her tongue along the underside of his helmet, before flicking the tip of it over the very small opening at the end of it. This seemed to have an electric effect on the butler, for he bucked his hips forward, forcing his rod further into her mouth.
      “Oh God, oh Lord forgive me, I can’t help it!” he cried. “Suck on me, Little Miss! Suck on my cock!”

Word Count: 6,648

  • Manufactured by: Anna Austin

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