A Mother's Gift


[incest, mother son incest, mother son sex, incest romance, taboo erotica, taboo fantasy, oral sex, Christmas erotica]

      Matt is frustrated; his girlfriend Tracy refuses to give him the kind of hardcore sex he craves, the kind he sees in the dirty movies. Matt tells his brothers and they have a solution; Matt should try sex with an older woman. He is hesitant until they tell him they have both had amazing experiences with a very sexy older woman.
      Matt begins to ask questions and is told there is a secret family tradition where on a man's 18th Christmas a very attractive older woman has sex with him. Although interested he doesn't want to cheat on Tracy, but eventually his brothers talk him into the idea, and he becomes eager to meet this woman. That is until his brothers tell him the last part of the tradition. The sexy older woman coming to seduce him is none other than his own mother!


      “Well Matt, it looks like there’s only one way to really prove this to you.” She smiled, “And I will owe you an even better time for allowing me a chance to bend the rules a little.”
      “What are you…”
      My words trailed off, and my mouth fell open. Mom had turned to her left, wrapped her arms around Todd’s shoulders and drew him into a kiss. I heard Todd moan and his hands immediately slid around her waist. Mom was kissing him hard, and a moment later I saw her mouth open. I watched disgusted, but unable to turn away as Todd parted his lips and slipped his tongue into Mom’s mouth. Mom moaned her approval, then breaking the kiss leaned her head back to look over her shoulder.
      Letting go of Todd with her right arm, she reached out behind her to Chris. With no hesitation my brother stepped up behind her, slid his arms around chest…and grabbed her tits! Mom let her head roll back and let out a loud groan that sounded as hot as anything I’d ever heard in the movies. Chris leaned in, and finding her lips with his own, began to kiss her as hard as Todd had.
      My gaze shifted to Todd to see he had nuzzled his face into Mom’s neck and was kissing and sucking the creamy skin of her neck and shoulder. His hand slid up under her night gown and pushed against Chris’s hand. Chris let go of Mom’s tit, leaving Todd to grab her bare breast under the nightgown. I gasped as through the transparent material I saw Todd’s fingers caress her nipple. Mom broke her kiss with Chris and moaned,
      “Oh, honey!”
      Chris slipped his hand down, and just as Todd had done, went under the night gown and started toying with her other nipple. With his other hand he grabbed Mom’s ass and gave it a squeeze.
      “I don’t believe this.” I whispered to myself.
      I sat there mesmerized by the sight of my barely dressed mother pinned between my brothers. Their hands and lips were everywhere, fondling her tits, grabbing her ass, kissing and licking her neck and chest. Mom was moaning and rocking her hips, first thrusting forward into Todd, then pushing back and grinding her ass into Chris’s cock.
      Mom turned so she was now facing me, as the two of them kissed each side of her neck and fondled tits. Mom grabbed Todd’s hand, brought it to her stomach shoved it down into her panties. Todd groaned, but my attention was on the loud cry Mom let out as his hand moved up and down.
      Chris slipped his hand along her thigh and worked his fingers into the side of her thong. Judging by another squeal from Mom, also found his mother’s pussy. His mother’s pussy! The thought screamed through my head, along with words like sick, and wrong. But whatever was going through my head was being over ruled by my body. As I watched both my brother’s hands move up and down between her legs, my heart beat faster and I was breathing hard. My breathing wasn’t the only thing that was hard; I looked down and saw that my cock was standing straight up in my shorts.
      I looked back at the scene in front of me, of my brother’s working my mother’s body as if she were some slut they’d picked up in a bar. I should be disgusted, I should close my eyes, but I couldn’t. Instead as if it had a mind of its own, my hand dropped into my crotch and I moaned softly as I rubbed it across my swollen cock.
      What was going on in front of me, while completely wrong, was at the same time the hottest thing I had ever seen. Mom was sighing and moaning as her sons continued to please her. Her hips were thrusting hard into their hands, and she had her arms wrapped around their shoulders, holding their faces to her neck.
      Mom’s head had been down, watching her son’s hands sliding in and out of her panties. She looked up at me, and I heard a loud moan. With a start I realized it had come from me. The look on my mother’s face was unbelievable, her eyes were open, but rolled back in her head, and her full red lips were parted as she sighed softly in pleasure. She turned towards Todd, and lifting his head from her neck, kissed him softly.
      This kiss was not like the first one, this one was slow and gentle. Todd’s eyes were shut and he had a look of absolute ecstasy on his face. Mom broke the kiss and turning, shared a similar kiss with Chris. Lifting her face from his she looked at me, and smiled. I had no idea what to say, and simply stared back at her. I saw her eyes drop down and her smile widened. I followed her gaze and saw that there was a large wet spot where the tip of my aching cock was dripping through my shorts.
      “Okay,” Mom whispered. “We’ve cheated enough.”

Word Count: 28,140

  • Manufactured by: Laura Lovecraft

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