Spanked On Her Wedding Day


[victorian bdsm erotica, spanking domination submission, wedding virgin first-time, hardcore sex]

Victoria is to be married to man she never met. The Duke of Sutherland may be dark and handsome, but he is a stranger to her.

But the Duke of Sutherland has a dark side that Vicky never dreamed possible. His twisted desires awaken a passion inside her that she never thought possible, as pleasure and pain mingle into one sinful, delicious whole.


      “Oh God,” she groaned at the unexpected sensations running through her body, making her even wetter.
      With a movement of its own, her derriere pushed down towards the crop and the glass overturned, spilling its contents over her buttocks, running down into her crack.
      “Beg you pardon, my lord,” she gasped and held her breath waiting to see what he would do.
      “Forgiven,” he remarked and she heard what seemed to be a hint of smile in his word.
      She sighed and relaxed against the bed but not for long. The crop resting on the bed, he proceeded to lap up the liquid staining her buttocks. His tongue stirred fire wherever it touched and then he was pushing her cheeks apart and seeking for the liquor between them with his tongue as well.
      “Ooooo,” she moaned long and hard when his tongue washed over her pucker, flickering several times before sliding into the tiny space created with his riding crop. “Oh God, my lord, yes.”
      She undulated her hips against his questing mouth. He raised her slightly so he could lick from her pucker down to her soaking mound. There his mouth searched through the folds of her secret garden, sucking the flesh into his mouth. His hands came down on her thighs and he licked and lapped at the pearl nub he had played with earlier in the carriage.

Word Count: 6,853

  • Manufactured by: Anna Austin

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