A Family Decision


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Mom gets a shocking offer to make a porn movie with her family. It's too great an offer to resist. She has to pitch it to her family, but there's a lone voice of dissent they have to overcome. What will they do?


      “I know you’re not going to like it, Jerry, and I’m sorry about that, baby. I really am. But since this is a kind of nude beach…”
      “Ah, mom, shit,” Jerome managed to groan.
      But he was too late, his mother was already going for the string at the nape of her neck.
      A moment later Jerome saw his mother’s big boobs swinging free.
      It was obvious his mom was going to naked in public, and a leaden sinker of chagrin sank into the pit of Jerome’s stomach when he realized her intention. Then, as he went to voice an objection, his embarrassment deepened.
      “I might join you, mom,” he heard his sister say.
      Alexis paused and looked at her daughter, her thumbs hooked in the thin length of floss which passed as the waist of her bikini briefs. Her attention went from her daughter to Jerome, where it lingered for a second or two before returning to Alison. “Okay,” she said with a shrug. “What about you, Ralph?” Alexis canted her head towards one shoulder, blonde hair sweeping over her breasts as she added, “You going nude as well?”
      Ralph thrust out his bottom lip, a why-the-hell-not gesture. “If my girls are doing it, then so am I,” he said, eyebrows up in his hairline.
      While Jerome sat on the towel and wished he’d said no to his mom’s suggestion about the beach, his mother slid her bikini briefs down to her ankles.
      Alexis stepped out of the insignificant scrap of cloth. “There,” she said, “that’s better.”
      Then Jerome’s sister was bare as well, his dad shucking his own shorts down to reveal a flaccid length of fire hose dangling from his pubic bush.
      “Shit,” Jerome muttered through teeth clenched in frustration. “I don’t believe you guys.”
      His sister laughed, the harsh bark of amusement bringing Jerome’s focus upon her. He didn’t want to do it, hated himself for not being able to take his eyes off his sister, but her sister’s landing-strip of precisely coiffed fur at the apex of her slit held his attention.

Word Count: 19,000

  • Manufactured by: Tia Lascivo

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